Digital Covid vaccine cards by Google for Android

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Technology has been playing a vital role in our lives and making things easier for us in our day-to-day life as well as bringing innovation to make things digital and easily accessible. The entire world has been going through the vaccination drive for Covid and now technology has come forward to make it an easier process. We have to agree that technology has played a fantastic role in fighting this virus and not with vaccination also it is making things easier and this process hassle-free for everyone.



We vaccination we get a certificate which is required for us to travel internationally and now Google has come forward to make it better. Here in India government has declared a platform known as Cowin which is integrated with the (Arogya setu]( app. The entire process is driven by the technology starting from the booking of appointment and after vaccination within few minutes a certificate issued. This certificate is digitally available and can work as proof of vaccination.

Google is going to bring digital vaccination cards for android phone users and this digital card will be available in the phone which can serve as proof of vaccination. This is a great initiative and it has already been started from California US. This will be expanded to other countries as well soon however Google is yet to reveal the name of such counties that are going to have vaccination digital cards.

People will be able to store their vaccination or Covid-19 status on their phone and access it at any time, as long as their health care organization or government has used Google’s system to make their results available to them digitally using the new tools, Google announced in a blog post on Wednesday. The feature is starting in the U.S. but coming to more countries, though Google did not specify which ones. The company said it does not keep a copy of the information.




This is going to be so easy for everyone since now they will be able to have their digital vaccination card in the phone with the help of Google and whenever required it can be accessed easily. All the countries have already provided to keep digital but with the involvement of Google, I hope that it will be much easier and innovative. As of now, it is not announced whether iOS users will also be able to have this functionality later but yes only android users will be getting it for sure in the next few weeks.

Thank you so much

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@tipu curate

@alokkumar121 Extremely interesting, I am surprised by the amount of services that google has offered during the pandemic.

Have you been vaccinated? Did you experience any side effects?

All this vaccine should help but it is still not enough

There is no better duo than technology + good intentions, when knowledge is applied to improve the quality of life, the results are usually unbeatable.

Excellent news what you bring us @alokkumar121

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Greetings @ alokkumar121. Excellent initiative by Google, those are the good actions that technology should have for humanity. In the Venezuelan case for the Covid-19 the state implemented through a platform to send text messages to the entire population, which tells you the place, time and day to go to get the vaccine so that they are daily only those who received the message. Particularly, I received the message and I got vaccinated and 21 days later I have to go to get the second dose.

Thank you very much for sharing your publication.