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I like to stay updated with the latest launching and what news is coming in the world of technology. I know that technology is not a small world where I can keep eye on everything but based on my interest I try to keep a close eye on the latest updates and upcoming products launch. I focus on smartphones and gadgets that can make things great and bring whole new experiences in our daily life. The smartphone is our part of life and now its difficult to imagine a life without it and since there is a lot of development in this space so its always fun to see what's coming next.

Oneplus which is known for making flagship smartphones at reasonable prices have started expanding its portfolio and looks like they are focusing on the audio segment now. They have launched their latest wireless earbud which is the best ever they have ever had and its even a highly expensive audio device that they have until now.



This new bud is called OnePlus Buds Pro and its available in two colors- Matte Black and Glossy White. In India, its price is INR 9990 which is quite high and so far this is the only earbud by one plus that cost this much of amount. The first earbud was for INR 5k and now its just double of it so let's find what better or new they have brought for their use with this newly launched earbud.

Screenshot 2021-08-26 at 9.23.20 PM.png


So here is the snapshot of what they are offering with this brand new earbud which they are claiming as a pro device. Lets check our more useful and innovative features-

  • Smart Noice cancellation
  • Better Bass
  • Warp charge so it will get charge much faster
  • Bluetooth 5.2 that offer enhanced connectivity
  • Long battery that will last for 38 hours which is like 1.5 days
  • Dolby sound
  • Water Resistance
  • Personalised audio that can make things easy to operate

Currently, I use Boat 131 Earbud which cost me INR 1500 (USD 25), and its way cheaper as compared to this one, however, my one does not have all these features. This one is loaded with features and the one I have is just charge and talk however it has nice cancellation but not so many features.

If we talk about apple and Samsung then oneplus is still cheap in terms of price however if they can deliver a great experience then it would be a great product to go for.

I am planning to upgrade my earbuds but not so soon since the ones I use are good however battery backup is not good and I need to charge a couple of times to keep them running. I expect there is a good deal with this after some time or even during the festival then I can think of buying it but as of now no plan to go for it. If you are looking for an earbud then check this out and buy it if you find it useful.

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Thank you so much

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Greetings @alokkumar121 💕😊

I really love the fact that you do bring us the latest trend in tech companies. I could remember reading one of your previous blog post back then about Xiaomi launching their earbud. It seems the tech manufacturing companies are really competing with each other to meet the demand of the masses.

Oneplus which is known for making flagship smartphones at reasonable prices have started expanding its portfolio and looks like they are focusing on the audio segment now.

I really don't know much about One Plus company probably maybe because I'm mostly used to Xiaomi, Samsung and Apple product. It seems One plus will also be doing well in the tech space from the features of the ear bud I read from your post and I love the fact that the price is cheap and affordable.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead 💕❤️💗

hello @alokkumar121,
it's interesting to see this article as just today I bought some jbl headphones which are not bad at all they cost me about 25$ and from my point of view they are wonderful, the only problem I can notice with the generic ones vs the originals is the charging time, in the generic ones the charging time is much less, while in the originals the charging time is much longer, but other than that the features and functionality are very similar, so if you don't have the money for an original, the copies work fine.

jbl is a reliable brand and I like their product. Did you buy the copy product of jbl and you are satisfied with the experience ?

I love reading you for the update you leave for everyone in technology, these headphones will be great to have them, but I assume that in my country it would be the zeros in front of zeros hahahaha.
thanks for the contribution

Wow. You always talk about technology products, I am also passionate about technology and I also realized that you are fans of OnePlus products, well here in my country Venezuela these products are not available to everyone, they do not reach the market.

I love the features and the design of this earbud by OnePlus. The long battery life is part of what draws my attention to this earbud. At least you won't have to be charging it every now and then.
Nice piece buddy, thanks for sharing

This is a cool earbud by its design and feature as well.

Thank you my friend, because while you keep yourself updated on the latest smart phone technology advances you also keep us updated by reading wonderful posts like this one.

Greetings and thanks for your valuable post.

Hi @alokkumar121

I also like to be updated, and to know in detail the functioning of the novel tools that technological advances provide us. "I hope there will be a good deal with this after a while or even during the festival", in those activities you will be able to access some promotion offering a better selling price.

Best regards, be well.

Yeah, friend. I am waiting to get a better deal with the price and once I get that then I will buy. thanks.

The characteristics of this type of headphones that I like the most is that they cut the noise coming from outside and so you have a better audio quality, greetings friend @alokkumar121

Hi dear friend @alokkumar121

Currently, I use Boat 131 Earbud which cost me INR 1500 (USD 25),

I wanted to find some headphones that are worth it, if you use those surely they are good I will try to find them to buy them or also the new one plus model that looks very interesting

The boat is an Indian brand and I am not sure if its available in other countries.

First of all I am big fan of OnePlus , now regarding the topic it is quite expensive.

I also use boat 142 wired, it is also very good and sound quality bis very nice.

OnePlus is a brand that gives quality so obviously this will be perfect for the music lover with extra bass effects. Long battery is the added features for the ear pod.

Iooking forward to brag my own copy. I think the device will what the makers intensions..