Google Maps will add Toll Charges with upcoming Update

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Road trips are fun because we get the freedom to stop anywhere and explore the place. Many times I go for a trip with family and friends to random places. During all these trips Google Maps has helped me a lot because it helped us to navigate to the place and also let us know the places in between. Google map is one of the fantastic app made by google that let us know everything like fuel station, restaurants, any nearby market, mall, local places, and even toll, etc. This information made the journey overall and fun it even tells us the driving time and traffic as well so we know that how much time its going to take.

I am the kind of person who which on Google Maps before I start driving my car. I use the android auto app in my car and it connects my phone so I can easily access my messages, phone calls, maps, music etc and I can get it all done using voice commands. Map and music are always on and if there is any call or message it shows on screen and I can answer the phone using a car speaker which is very much convenient and it does not affect map functionality.


Although the map is loaded with various features, I always had one of the concerns that I don't know how much I will have to pay for toll charges. Toll charges are much expensive and if we can get to know in advance then it helps to plan a trip in a better way.

Today I was reading an article and found that Goole is going to add this option so we will get to know in advance that how many tolls will be on the way and how much we need to pay. I never thought that this could be possible and Google will think of making this possible but yes its going to happen soon.

The upcoming Google Maps feature could be highly beneficial for users. Often when you head out on a journey, you are surprised with too many toll gates on your way. So if Google Maps is able to provide you information about how much the total toll would cost and how many toll gates will fall on your way, you can easily decide whether you want to take that road filled with toll gates or not. This could also help users in saving time.


I think this upcoming update will make google maps great and it will help people plan their trips nicely because we get to know the number of tools and payable charges. Many people try to avoid tools if charges are high and it does not result in significant time saving because tolls are expected to save time and if charges are higher then its better to go with an alternate route to save money.



Technology has the capability to improve many things and this is one of the situations where I hope many of us would find it useful since its going to help us plan our trips better. I am excited to have this update soon and would love to have all the information in advance related to charges as well as

Thank you so much

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Hello @alokkumar121, I remember having used some many years ago (at least 7 years ago) an app conpaitble on google maps that anticipated to indicate the routes with payment tolls and routes without tolls for me to choose the route of the trip, and it seems appropriate that Google Maps is being updated eventually, with more and more facilities for drivers.

See you

You are right I always use this application Google Maps every time I go on a trip, of course I am sure that at the moment in Venezuela this way of paying tolls from the application will not happen as long as they are the government we currently have. in fact the government eliminated the tolls nationwide.

Certainly google maps technology is very useful to be used when we go out to travel and enjoy and we need a tool to guide us in the various geographical locations during the trip.

Greetings friend and thanks for showing us this valuable post.

Hello @alokkumar121

Certainly Google Maps, is one of the most useful applications when planning a trip, I tell you that paradoxically in South America has not been used compared to the use that is given in North America, Europe or Asia, may be just a matter of culture, knowing in advance the location of a toll and the value or fee to pay when passing, it is certainly a good data to plan better.

Best regards, be well.

Greetings @ alokkumar121
This is a very good tool offered to us by Google.

On several occasions while traveling to places where I have not previously known I had to use Google Maps to get to the place and it has been a very good experience to have this application,

I hope the updates will be as friendly and easy to use.

Thank you very much for sharing your publication

Incredible the amount of services that google offers, I don't think there is a technology company that offers more and for free.

I agree that Google is the best name when it comes to free offerings.