Google Meet placed Time limit on Free group Calls

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Video Conferencing was getting used by limited organizations prior to the covid pandemic but after the covid, there has been significant growth in this segment. Its because everywhere lockdown was implemented and video Conferencing or group call was the only way to connect with the team and people. Few applications like Microfost Team, Zoom and Google meet have got great attention and millions of users started using their platform. Companies started using it for group calls, and even schools started using Google meet and zoom for online classes.



Zoom had already implemented a limit on free group call that can last only for 45 minutes however there is no such limit with Microsoft Team because it comes with a License and only organizations are using it. Google Meet is now going to put restrictions on the limit now and they have announced it already. They will be putting a 60-minute group calling cap for free calls and if its requires more than this time then a paid subscription is required to have uninterrupted service.

Google Meet free group calls time limit slapped on these users: Now, Google, instead of extending this deadline further, has rolled back this Google Meet benefit. The company, via an update on its support page, has announced that free Google Meet users will be able to host only one-on-one calls for up to 24 hours via their personal computers. But this is not true for group calls. The company said that calls with three or more participants can go a maximum of up to 60 minutes. It is worth noting that users with personal Google accounts can have a maximum of 100 participants in a video call.


Now with this cap putting in place users on the call will be notified at 55 minute time that the call is going to end in the next 5 minutes so either they can plan accordingly or they should go and buy the paid subscription. It seems like Zoom and Google have decided to generate revenue through their group call service because they know that its highly needed and those who have been using it will have no other option left rather than going for paid subscription.

I have used Zoom and they already have some restrictions for their free users and now Google is also implementing a similar limitation o that they can get more paid subscribers and it will help them have more revenue generation. There is no certainty about the current covid situation and it might continue for long so adoption to group video and audio calls will continue to grow because remote working is new normal.



So if you are using google meet and schedule longer calls with it then its time for your to either change the way of working by cutting the call time else payment is the only way to continue the services with the same trend and there will be no alternative from this month onwards.

I think that this will affect business users because personal users will not have any impact as they can manage it but for business users, it will not be easy and looks like Google is trying to target business users most as they could be one of the biggest sources for them to bring them more revenue.

Thank you so much.

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Hi @alukkumar121
I use zoom with some frequency, but not Google met, so I was unaware of this change. It makes sense that it could be coming, as video calling has been selling on the rise and is.a way they could make additional financial gain. Thanks for the info.

Hi,@alokkumar121 another great application of Google's free services I remember using it to teach a class or two.