is this time for Alexa Upgrade ?

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I have been using Alexa EcoDot 3rd generation smart speaker for more than 2 years and I am happy with my experience. It was the latest model when I purchased it in 2019 and as we know that technology keeps on upgrading so after some time when we have upgraded the version then it feels like buying another one and say Bye to an older one however this is also important to know whether its worth or not. Undoubtedly Amazon has built this awesome product that is capable of doing lots more and this all can be done using voice command only. I can listen to music, the latest news, buy products, book taxis, and now it also helps my kid to learn.



I was checking out the amazon website today and found that now they have 4th generation eco dot speaker which looks better than the old one. I also checked out some features if that makes a bigger difference.

This is Echo Dot 4th Gen and with this, they have changed its design completely and added many features as well. Now this one comes with bass and premium quality sound. Recently, they have also added additional features, including Amitabh Bachchan's voice, the megastar in India.



  • Adde action button which can be used to connect or disconnect mic and I am not sure how it will work because the one I have does not have this feature.
  • change in design that has made it look beautiful and certainly its looking more beautiful.
  • Enhanced sound quality and volume that has made the music experience even more fun and interesting.
  • No change in all-time power supply and this is one of the things that I hope to see improvement with this.
  • Dedicate wifi required for smooth functioning and there is no change with this.

Alexa has more than 30,000 skills & counting. These skills add capabilities to help you do more with your Echo device. They can help you stay updated with the latest news, listen to music, radio & podcasts, or access stories, recipes, movie reviews, and more from your favourite brands. You can also create your own personal skills & responses.

After going through the details, I have found that there is a good change in design and a slight improvement in sound quality, but the majority of features remain the same. I will try to visit the store for a demo and if there is something that can help me change my mind, I can think of it again.

I can go for an upgrade if I find at least 50% of features that are not available with the 3rd generation and I think that would really be worth going for it else 3rd gen is also a good option as of now it seems.

Thank you so much

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hello @alokkumar121,
it is impressive how voice assistants are, this technology is at the level of touch screens, at first people do not believe that they are useful and then you can not imagine a world without them, in my country we do not see much use of voice assistants but it is because of the lack of good Internet, I imagine that with 5G technology, this technology will be more impressive than it is today.

The assistants of all types are good, and these are something out of series, good luck with the new version will surely be much better than the other.
thanks for sharing

It seems to have better features in sound and appearance, but as you say, to make the investment we should expect to have at least enough upgrades over the previous version, otherwise it is better to continue with the same and save that money until we have a product with many more improvements.

Hi @alokkumar121
I agree with you, if the improvement is substantial the % of the updates of this new version is respectable, you can study the investment.
I hope you write about your experience.
Best regards

I listen to music with my Bluetooth Speaker which I bought about 5 years ago and it is still running awesome but I have always thought about buying an Echo Dot. I might just give it a try.