My Splinterlands Holding and Journey so far.. #Play2Earn

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Blockchain gaming is a growing segment in the crypto space and its not less than the growth of Defi or NFT. Now people can earn real money through gaming and even this earning is much more than the monthly salary for many of them. No one could have believed 10 years back that we can earn money with games as well since gaming is known to be only for entertainment and not for money-making but things have moved the other way around. Now gaming is not just limited to fun and entertainment instead its a place for people to invest and earn money.


I have been playing splinterlands since Dec'19 and its been so much fun since day one. My experience with the game has been amazing and the team behind the game is so active that they keep on bringing new things to make it even more interesting. We get to know many new cards and many other new initiatives to add value to the gaming economy. I stopped playing fun games a long back and I am not a gamer but with splinterlands things have changed. Its the first-ever game that has made me earn real money. Last week I was talking to my father about the new age of technology and investment and told him about my earnings with splinterlands. He did not believe me in the first place and simply said that its not possible. He even asked me to stop kidding and talk about something serious. He is a simple man who believes that money can only be earned through work and he is right. I tried to convince him a lot but for sure he was not 100% convinced however just agreed with me to make me happy. Trust me, its very difficult to explain and make our parents understand about these new ways of earning since they have never seen anything like this.

The recent airdrop of the SPS token has become part of daily activities because I claim and stake every day. Earlier daily activities were to play quest and now there is some addition on this. I have been staking all my SPS tokens since day 1 of the airdrop and continue to do the same for the remaining tenure of the airdrop. Now I am sharing how many tokens I have accumulated so far and I am very happy with my stake.

This is the snapshot of my SPS holding and I have 4002 tokens. 44 days have been passed and I have approx 4k tokens so I expect that after the end of the year I would have approx 35k SPS tokens in total. I play splinterlands battle every day and if any day I don't battle then also I log in to the website to claim SPS tokens and stake them all. There is no benefit in keeping them idle and its best to keep them in the pool so that these tokens will keep on generating returns.

Screenshot 20210909 at 1.35.33 PM.png

Currently, the staking reward APR is approx 125% and I joined the pool when it was 500+%. Its obvious that it will go down when the pool is growing but when we have more tokens then less apr will also bring a better reward. Even this 124.58% is an awesome percentage and I am happy to have it.

I also hold other tokens like DEC and SPT and these days SPT seems to be going to the moon.

Screenshot 20210909 at 1.44.30 PM.png


I have not sold any tokens and have no plan to do so because I believe in the project and have a long-term vision with splinterlands. I expect that splinterlands will go great in the coming years. SPT was a highly undervalued token but I had staked all and delegated it to @monster-curator and this way I earn SPT daily and I continue to accumulate more. This is a good way to increase my SPT holding since I earn tokens through content creation as well.

I checked my account value in splinterlands discord today and this is what I got. The current value is 20k USD and I must say that I never expected this. I have seen cards value growing significantly and specifically, this has happened in the last 1 month.

Screenshot 20210909 at 1.47.32 PM.png

SPS airdrop has completed 44 days and the current price value is 0.27 however price is not a concern for me since I am not going to sell anything and I am confident that the price will go up after the end of airdrop as well.

Overall I am very happy and I am sharing this post to record on the chain and this way I want to have tracking of my splinterlands assets. Never thought that this graphical card that we play with every day will bring such a great opportunity to earn a decent amount. Keeping track is important and there is no better place to share the post here on the chain and this will always be available. If I need to check later then I can easily do this.

I will be completing 2 years with splinterlands this December and overall growth has been amazing which I still think that its just the beginning. Splinterlands is the leading dapp on blockchain and its contributing well to the growth of the chain.

Thank you so much.


(Images are taken from splinterlands wherever source is not mentioned)

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Greetings friend @alokkumar121, I had heard of this game and did not want to pay attention but now with what you say in your article I will surely enter to review the project and see how I can enter.

Thanks for sharing.

That's probably a long journey worth sharing it. I believe that's is the result of hardwork, patience and investing. I believe before the year ends, your coin value will increase to $50k in value definitely. Keep staking and increasing them up

thank you so much, friend. This has been an exciting journey

Excellent friend @alokkumar121, keep growing your account, as you say it is a distance race not speed and staying constant is what will allow you to obtain good dividends.

Greetings and have a happy day

thanks much friend.

hello @alokkumar121,
personally I worry about the game based business model as these business models can end up being a big scam, I think that is what our parents see in this type of business model, on the other hand video games have long been generating billions in profits for this industry and now that we can all win it is great, my only suggestion is don't invest everything in the games, you have to create a savings fund to cover your expenses when the coins make their correction.

It might be wise to take profit along the way. Normally tokens of this nature will make enormous correction when the bull run will become bearish.

You are right and I am planning to do but not now.. Probably after few months.