OLA Electric Scooter - Revolution in Two Wheelers

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Ola is the leading app-based taxi aggregator company in India and they are the ones who simplified commute with their advanced technology. Uber is also available in India but Ola has a wider reach and bigger fleet portfolio that is helping millions of move from one place to another every day and even daily commute has become easier.

Now Ola has taken one step forward and has launched its electric scooter and this revolutionary step in the vehicle segment. This day when countries are focusing more options with green energy then electric vehicles are on-demand and more people are making a switch to electric vehicles. Its not just good for our planet but also good for our pocket as its quite a cost-effective solution. Electric vehicle needs less maintenance and generates almost no sounds so this is another good reason to go for electric vehicles.



Ola electric scooter is available for booking at INR 499 and once they start delivery then it will be delivered on a first come first serve basis. Commercial launch is yet to happen and more details about the process and price are yet to get shared.

Ola company is also working to expand the charging stations across the country so charging will not an issue and one can easily find one near to home. They have a plan to build over 100K stations across 400 cities and this will help more people buy their scooters since it will easier and cheaper way of owning a two-wheeler.

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India is one of the biggest markets for two-wheeler vehicles and this is such a fantastic innovation of technology by Ola. Currently, the Auto industry is exploring the best option to build highly advanced electric vehicle technology that gives better range and is even more convenient. Car manufacturing companies are trying their best to bring something innovative in the market but in the field of scooters, Ola has done it, and its quite exciting.

Ola seems to have bigger plans with this and they are also working to build their future factory that will have a capacity of 10m vehicle production in a year. This will be spread across 100-acre space and this will be run by 3000+ robots that make it a highly advance and technology-driven factory.


Technology has the power to revolutionize our life and there are many companies that are working tirelessly to develop the best and bring some innovation through life-changing products. I am excited about this scooter and will surely visit it once its available in the market.

Images are taken from - https://olaelectric.com/

Thank you so much.

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Hi @alokkumar121
From what I can see it is.a great project. I think starting from the huge population of India, it is a great market for many businesses. This company that is doing this work of producing clean technology, it helps the planet in a great way, and certainly, it is more economical and less noisy. I particularly like this company, I hope it will prosper and reach more countries.

This technology will definitely reduce the consumption of fossil fuels which damage the climate. I think this will revolutionise transportation in both India and other parts of the world.
Nice one buddy

This day when countries are focusing more options with green energy then electric vehicles are on-demand and more people are making a switch to electric vehicles.

I am really glad to know this. I think this is time to take the big step and we should stop using vehicles which are harmful. Because As you can see that climate change on peak. I really appreciate to ola for this step. Solid read.

Greetings @alokkumar121 I think e this kind of breakthrough and it gives me immense joy for the fact of thinking of grandiose future in which is only founded only if we contribute grains of sands in the current environmental problems. Thank you for your contribution

It is interesting to see this two-wheeled electric car. I believe it will be a breakthrough and a revolution for the masses. Scooters have always been more economical and if they are now electric, they will be even more so. When you get yours, show it to us.

Best regards.