Ola Launched 2 Revolutionary Electric scooters in India

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A few weeks back I talked about the Ola Electric scooter and at that time it was just an announcement by the company and they had given the option to reserve the scooter on their website by paying INR 499. Now, this scooter is officially launched and people can buy it by paying the remaining amount and get the delivery at home. Ola had made the scooter completely electronic and so far its the highly advanced scooter in the country that runs on green energy.

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Its one of the scooter that has potential to transform 2 wheeler segments in India because they are offering a bunch of advanced features which are not ye available in the market. Seems like the company has done thorough research before launching the product and they have to take care of every possible aspect from the user point of view.


The S1 and S1 Pro are industry-leading products with best in class range, speed, and cost,” said Bhavish Aggarwal, founder, and CEO at Ola. “We have seen demand for this vehicle from everywhere, and obviously from the bigger cities as well, as scooters are an urban mobility product.” The top of the range Ola S1 Pro will have a 3.97 kilowatt-hour (KwH) battery pack that is rated for a range of 181 kilometers and will have a top speed of 115 kilometers per hour. While Aggarwal said buyers can expect 85% of that range in real-world conditions

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Ola has launched two scooters called S1 and S1 pro where S1 pro is an advanced version having better backup range and also have more speed per minute option along with common features that are available across both the models. This scooter is not like a traditional scooter and it has complete connectivity with the phone so you get control of the smartphone. Starting with lock and unlocked it also shows various notification and battery status along with location tracking etc.

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Technology has been growing and now put in the segment of two-wheeler through ola which has made it so smart in every possible way. I never came across any 2 wheeler like this and it has certainly created excitement to see how the ride experience will be with this.

Its time to go for electric and with 2 wheeler Ola has started this journey. We can easily that this is the future of two-wheelers in the country and its highly expected to grow in the coming years. This is not just user-friendly, highly cost-effective but also good for the planet in therm of noise and air pollution. Its so silent and have inbuilt speakers that you can use to play songs and it also has voice command like Alexa etc so get everything done with no effort at all.

The S1 Model will cost INR 99999 and S1 Pro will cost 129,999 however there is some rebate by the govt so these prices will be slightly lower after this and I think at this price its worth to go for it. Currently, it will be available in India only however Ola might extend the delivery overseas.

Thank you so much

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Greetings friend @alokkumar121.

Great news for the world, starting in India, and why I say for the world? because many automotive companies have dedicated much of their time to design vehicles that do not affect the environment, consequently began to develop electric vehicles, companies like Ola begins to launch its electric motorcycles gives us to understand that they want to help the environment, starting with India, avoiding carbon dioxide emissions emitted by vehicles that move with fossil fuel (gasoline or diesel), excellent information that you share with us.

Hi @alokkumar121
I'm seeing that you say it can reach a speed of 115 km/h? That's pretty fast to tell you the truth. Being electric, that's an incredible speed, but from what I see it can go a maximum of 180km, that's a good distance in my opinion.
I'm sure it could be a good item for whoever manages to buy it.

This vehicle has a good performance, I am pleased that in many countries there are important movements to incorporate electric vehicles, it is what the planet needs, and this is an excellent option available to the citizens of India.

hi @alokkumar121, what great news for india, no wonder they can make such cool things like electric motorcycles your country is full of scientists who reward this world with a lot of knowledge congratulations.

Good post! :) Congratulation.