OnePlus Buds Pro Earbuds with Adaptive Noise Cancellation

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I am a Oneplus smartphone user so I always keep an eye on their new launching to see what they are coming up with next. I have seen oneplus expanding their portfolio in India and now they own quite a vast range. Recently they launched another smartphone Nord 2 and along with Oneplus Bus Pro and in this post I am going to talk about this TWS device by Oneplus. These days earbuds are in demand and it seems like Oneplus is trying to have a wider presence in this segment.

Oneplus is known to launch products that are good in quality and offer a premium experience but keeps prices slightly on the lower side so that more people can use their products unlike what apple does to make it premium and not everyone can have a reach to their products.



Oneplus has launched the new Oneplus Buds Pro that is quite nice in design and elegant and it promises to deliver 30 hours of battery back up which is very good and charging once in a day enough to keep it on throughout the day. It comes with their latest charging technology known as Warp Charge so the charge of 10 minutes can make it run for 10 hours and this is one of the functions that I like most. Sometimes we dont have more time to wait and thats, where this technology helps as 10 minutes, is good to go for the entire day.

The earbuds on the OnePlus Buds Pro are equipped with Dolby Atmos support and a 3-mic setup for calls. These are also IP55 water and dust resistant to enable function during rains or workouts. The earbuds measure 32 mm x 23.2 mm each. The charging case measures 60.1 mm x 49.1 mm and 24.9 mm and is IPX4 water-resistant. OnePlus Buds Pro comes with Bluetooth 5.2 support for up to 10 meters of connectivity range. In addition, there is USB Type-C and Qi support for both wired and wireless charging.




Some features like easy pairing, water resistance, noise cancellation, etc are very common but with these buds oneplus has introduced smart adaptive noise cancellation so you always hear that you need to and it eliminates what is not needed to hear. With the massive battery back up it proves 7 hours of music playback that can be extended up to 38 hours with the charging case and I believe this is a long time for sure.



It also comes with an option to play five relaxing white noise options that can help us reduce stress and bring relaxation. This is a new addition and I am yet to experience it. I am waiting to for its availability in store so that I can have a look at it physically before I buy it. I am looking to buy one pair of buds because its required and I want to get rid of the wired earphones. Currently, I use Apple wires earphone and I use for 4-5 hours every day. Since its wired so I can't move but once I get these buds then I will have freedom from wire and can use it for a long time.

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Wireless earphones are not just easy to use but convenient as well. I dont want to spend too much on this and thats why apple is not in my list however I believe that Oneplus buds pro should be available within the price range of approx 3000-4000 INR and in USD it would be around $50-60.

Thank you so much.

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Wonderful with the technology of this brand, I hope you can enjoy them soon, and especially those 30 hours of battery life,
thanks for sharing

hello @alokkumar121,
i bought one of those pirate brand headphones and the truth is that i find them quite ultil, the only thing is that their charge is only about 5 hours, so you have to charge them to the current constantly, when i bought them they only cost me about 15$ and the truth is that for the price i paid i see that the copy does a good job almost like original, now if you have the money the originals are a better option, now if like me you don't have the money to buy originals the copies do the job at low cost, I recommend using the copy and if you want you can buy the original option once you get used to its constant use.

Here in Venezuela I have read that this brand of cellular equipment Oneplus, are very good and even better than the famous Samsung, I have a friend who lives in Spain and has also told me that these cellular equipment are great. now that I read you ati somehow confirms me what I have read and what they tell me, then I do not doubt that these headphones are very good.

Hello friend @alokkumar121, interesting options have these OnePlus Buds, it is very that other brands offer high-end products at competitive prices and good quality, because as you say, Apple is not available to everyone, I hope you acquire them soon. Greetings!

Hello friend, a great contribution that you share with us on this occasion, it's amazing how technological advances every day are more perfected and providing greater comfort for those who use them such as the Oneplus Buds headphones that you mention.

Thanks for sharing such interesting content with all of us. Best regards.

It can be very useful to use wireless headsets especially for our community.

Greetings my friend and thank you for your valuable input.

@tipu curate 6

Amazing, I like how they added the latest and the most important features that anyone buying earbuds would be looking for, and with this long-lasting battery, it seems more than enough for any regular user too. What makes them special as you mentioned is that they are affordable more than others which comes with a very high price, so that gives them a great advantage in the market.

Thanks for sharing!

They seem to be of very good quality, I would like to have some, especially for the use I could give them with the mobile phone, thanks for this informative post @alokkumar121

One plus is my favourite brand I know it is Little bit costly but the product are very good and durable and nice it gives very rich feeling. Currently my all cousin are using OnePlus only and they are saying it's very nice phone.