Technology Adoption in Legal Sector

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Pandemic is certainly helping technology to expand further in various areas. Things are coming to online space backed by high technology and it's because this pandemic is contributing well to automation and bringing things that can be done within a few tabs through the smartphone. There are the areas where we have seen significant growth in terms of technology involvement but I believe this is just the beginning because the best of it is it to come. Payment sector is way more advanced and its one of the leading segment that adopts the latest technology that enables users to access it easily and it also bring more convenience on the place.



Now the legal sector is also not left alone and it has also been empowered by technology. In fact, now case hearing is streaming online so without going to the courtroom we can see it live and there is much more that has changed. The legal sector started using various software for their daily work however there was nothing like this before. Some general applications by google or Microsoft are used by them but there some other designed software that is also in place and many legal companies are already using such software.

The legal sector also witnessed several changes. The introduction of technology became essential to ensure the continuity of legal work. Court proceedings were made virtual. The majority of filings were done online. Several law firms and offices began to use applications that allowed them to work remotely.
Additionally, many general tech software like CRMS and HRMS were introduced to maintain continuity of work and to transition several processes important for any business including legal sector



Although the implementation of blockchain in this sector is still a dream its good that they have started adopting technology now and many things are happening through remote. Few sectors like banking, hospitality, and payments, etc have been using the latest technology already to make their work and process smooth and real estate and legal sectors have joined this race quite late. Its better late than never but they have realized the need for technology and this covid pandemic is the reason.

Now since this sector has adopted and accepted the need of it so I expect more innovation will be coming in this segment and it also invites the scope of more development. Technology keeps on evolving and in the next few years, we can see much more that will make things easy for everyone.

Thank you so much

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Greetings, @alokkumar121.

Reading your article I remembered a scene from the movie Back to the Future part II, which takes place in a hypothetical reality of 2015. In the scene, a group of young people commits a crime, and in a matter of hours, they were tried, convicted, and imprisoned.
Dr. Emmet Brown's explanation: "... justice is more efficient since the lawyers disappeared."

This is just a movie, but perhaps with the implementation of more technology in the legal sector, the optimization in the application of Justice could be achieved.

Hello @alokkumar121
Certainly many sectors such as the legal sector had to adapt to the circumstances and take on the challenge of incorporating the technological advances necessary to give continuity to the activities.
This reality is here to stay and progressively other areas will follow this path.
Happy weekend!

Hello @alokkumar121, it is strange to see that the legal system is even using developed technology nowadays, but thinking about it, being sure that everyone stays healthy is better than keeping traditions, at least until the current circumstances end.

Thanks for sharing.

Greetings @alokkumar121, certainly technology has gained more ground rapidly with the advent of the pandemic, as many sectors such as the case of the legal have seen the need to implement technological tools to facilitate their activities and smooth operation.

hello @alokkumar121, You are right, the pandemic did not advance in several technological directions in a short time, especially in the remote connection, but in fact these technologies were already there, they were just not known or were not given the use they have now.