Book:- How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie- A Sure Way of Making Enemies and How to Avoid it

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Hello and Namaste Everyone

It's Tuesday and I hope that you are doing good and staying safe.

Last week I shared my post from the book "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie and the topic was "You Can't Win an Argument". I could not finish the chapter this weekend and it took a slightly longer time for me to finish.



The last topic was very good and I am also not going through in series instead I pick random topics. Although all these topics are so nice and full of learning some of them are even better so I am covering such topics first and will pick the remaining later.

The Topic that I have gone through this time is "A Sure Way of Making Enemies and How to Avoid it"



You can tell people they are wrong by a look or an intonation or a gesture just as eloquently as you can in words – and if you tell them they are wrong, do you make them want to agree with you? Never!

In this topic author Dale Carnegie has expressed his thoughts about not pointing out anyone's mistake even if they are wrong. Being a human one can indeed be right all the time and there would be instances when you will release that another person is wrong. But there is no need to tell him because that person will never agree most of the time. People don't like to be treated this way and if you do then for sure you are creating an enemy for you.


In my opinion, it's good to help people understand their mistake but it's not that easy and if you do tell people straight forward then you should also be ready to face the people who are not going to like you. Sometimes doing good for others bring us badly and I think we should always avoid this kind of situation. It's better not to say anything about it even as this is not going to help us anyway however we can easily make our enemies all around.

There is a way that we can follow to make people understand if they do something wrong but please ensure that our approach must be diplomatic. Following this can help us to get the purpose done and there are high chances that other people will not feel bad. It sounds easy but I don't think that it's that much easy.

In other words, don’t argue with your customer or your spouse or your adversary. Don’t tell them they are wrong, don’t get them stirred up. Use a little diplomacy.

This is very true and it's quite practical in our life. If we follow it then for sure we can cut down many problems easily and using little diplomacy can be a great help for sure.

Show respect for the other person’s opinions. Never say, ‘You’re wrong

This line is small but has a bigger meaning and I will surely try to follow it in my life.


Thanks to @crypto.piotr for this nice initiative and @juanmolina for sharing about the book. I am sure it will help many people in the PH family to get lots of knowledge and learning.

Thank you so much.
Stay Safe


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@tipu curate 3

Becoming diplomatic about the way we choose to speak to people will really help out relationships get healthy indeed, we just need to properly sensor our words thinking through it again before we say anything.

absolutely right @gbenga
we need to think before we speak because once words are out then its not in our control. Thanks.

I agree with you that sharing this book is helpful for everything, they teach us many things to plan and execute and see a change in our lives, and diplomacy is the best way to help, not to harass the opponent. Greetings, thank you for sharing this very educational article

Thanks for your nice feedback and glad that you like it. Thank you so much my friend.

Greetings @reeta0119, extraordinary topic that you share with us in this opportunity inspired by the book of that great writer as it is Dale Carnegie, there are many ways to win enemies, however, it is necessary to be able to obtain some ideas to minimize to avoid the gain of enemies, important what is expressed in relation to that we should not indicate the error to anybody although we know that this person is mistaken that bothers a lot, the approach that is raised is very good since when it is managed to make people understand of an error of the best form of insurance that will have a future friend (a).