is Another Bull Run Starting Up?

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Bullrun is one of the words that we all are aware of because this is the event where we get to see the higher prices of currencies. We all expect that the coins we hold must make its all-time high so that we can bag better retuns and when it happens then it is called bull run. The bull run is a situation when even low-performing coins do well and top coins do amazing with their price increase.



Bitcoin had shown its all-time high the price of almost $65k and then its price slipped to 28k USD in may this year. When its price was down below 30k that time there was much negative news around and people started talking that the market has gone bearish. Now again we can see bitcoin at 50k USD price mark and its more than 60% spike with its lower price in the last 3 months. Even altcoins have shown good movement and coins like Ethereum, Xrp, Dot, and ADA, etc have gone up significantly.

I am not a trader and I rarely trade so these prices are not bothering me much, however, a green market always makes me feel good but still I don't sell anything since my goal is not to buy and sell. I know that majority of us try to book profit by trades but I believe that its too risky and to make things easy for me, I just buy and HODL. before buying I set a goal with price and time so if I achieve my goal price before the time then I can think of selling but unfortunately it has not happened yet so far with me.

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My goal is to hold all my coins until 2025 and before this, I have no intention to sell off anything. For me, crypto is a place where I am creating a big corpus for the long term, and its not something that I can use for my bread and butter. Although I have an option to sell out anytime if there is any urgency but for a normal life I am not going to do and I follow the disciples strictly with my investment.

I am happy that the bitcoin price is at 50k and now I can also see that majority of people sharing their opinion about the next market move. They are saying that Bitcoin will make its all-time high by this year-end and if it happens then it would be certainly great. My daily SIP buying is on and it happens every day regardless of the price movement. With SIP I am able to average my buying price and its less than 20K even now when I am buying at 50k approx since I started it when bitcoin was about 8k only.

So what do you amazing people think of the current market position? So you think that its getting ready for another bull run and Bitcoin can cross 65k USD and maybe it can jump next to 100k this year. We already have 2 trillion of market cap and it can go beyond 2.5 I believe if bitcoin will make its move to the 100k USD price mark.

Thank you so much

Stay Safe

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Hi @reeta0119

I have been precisely crossing information with technical analysis and indeed I think we are in the beginnings of a new bull run, the corrections that the crypto market has been doing so infer it.

Best regards, be well.

Hi @lupafilotaxia
I am not an expert but now since the majority of people saying that we are entering a bull run then it could be true and the best time to hold if anyone is planning to sell. This can help the person to get better profit on sale.

@tipu curate 2

God, I hope so :)