Mantra for Happiness in Life

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Hello and namaste everyone

I hope you are doing good and I am also fit and fine in this time of the Covid pandemic. These days if we are able to keep ourselves fit and fine along with better health then it is definitely a fantastic milestone that we have achieved.



We often think like life should be full of happiness but do we ask ourselves that we are doing whatever is needed to make our life happy and in fact, the reality is that we are the ones making our life happy. There are some things that we can do in our lives to make it happier and eat some useful tips you can easily adopt in your life. I totally believe in one thought that we should never make things complicated because if you do then, for now, the reason you would have to struggle with various things whereas keeping things simple help us a lot in many ways and could be one of the reasons for happiness as well.

Trust Yourself and Keep your Heart Open

No one in this world is perfect and I am not the exception here so if anyone commits any mistake then I take it highly and don't overreact. The reason is simply that if I can commit the mistake then for sure other people can also do and spending more energy and overreacting on this issue is truly not worth you said we can figure out the ways to improve the scenario so that such things do not happen or maybe the probability gets on the down side. We are humans and not a machine so we must have some emotions and respect for everyone that is why I always say we should keep our hearts open for everyone so whoever tries to connect with us we must respond back in a positive way that will make other people feel happy. Also do not forget that if you trust yourself it helps you gain more confidence that will make you try taking challenges which are anyway is a great opportunity to grow as a person.



Go Slow

I don't see any reason to rush around all the time but I do understand that sometimes it is needed however we must try our best to follow a slow process with everything like working eating and even taking rest etc. Slow does not mean that you should be underutilizing your skills instead it's a way that you should not over on the things and follow whatever is best suited you and in this way you will be able to enjoy the work and will have no stress around.

Hope you have gone through the saying that slow and steady wins the race and it truly applies in our life so if we are dedicated to anything then slow speed can also make a bigger difference so do not worry about rushing on everything because this way also you can achieve whatever you want.

Be Easy

Based on my experience I can say that if we start taking things easy it will definitely help us back to have a stress-free life. We should focus things on in a way like there should be no complication at all and anything that is there we are able to do it by following the proper steps. When we can make things easy and get it done then I do not find any reason to make it complicated because making it tough will increase the amount of stress which is anyway not good at all.

These are some of the things that I follow in my life and so far I am very happy because these things are helping me be happy and I enjoy everything that I do include my daily lifestyle as well. In simple words I believe that life is what we make it so if we are the ones who are making it then why should not we make it so in simple and fun rather than make it tough and complicated.

Thank you so much.

Stay safe and Stay Happy.

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Hmm.. This is really very inspiring! I think we should always believe that happiness is a choice and sadness is also a choice. You either choose to be happy or choose to be sad. The question is why do you choose to be sad when you can always choose to be happy?

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead ❤️💕❤️💕

I like your thought about the topic. Thanks for sharing nice comment

Some consider happiness as a utopia or an ephemeral state of moments that are diluted with the reality of life. There are those who do not understand that to be happy you only need to want it and that happiness is not associated with the economy or other things that surround us but with the attitude with which we take things. Sometimes the person who eats only one loaf of bread is happier than the one who eats opulently different delicacies.

This life the moment we take it too much hard that's the moment we begin to see ourselves been deprived of the happiness we should get access to

Absolutely. Thank you

I believe in going at my pace and not comparing myself with anyone. As far as i trust my self , tge next tging us to move at my pace.

Great write up

Thank you so much for your nice comment

Hi @reeta0119, a post full of thoughtful depth, no one in this world is perfect, and none of us as mere mortals can be the exception to that rule, not mocking or exaggerating the mistakes of others is a very mature act. I liked the way you wrote.

That's great of of course. We have to repeat that everyday after waking up. That will help us to love the life and enjoy all the positive things we got and ignore what w don't like !

thanks for your nice comment.

Hi @reeta0119, happiness, a complex and simple word at the same time, even though each person can experience the feeling of being happy in different ways, I share with you the opinion that a great exercise is to take things calmly despite the circumstances, so we give time to the mind and avoid stressing ourselves.

We all know we are currently in between this covid suitation. And to be happy is like a challenging task for all of us, but we need to keep ourself happy so that our family will also be happy and stress free.

thanks for your nice comment. Stay safe and have a nice weekend.