One Month of SPS Staking | Current APR 153%

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I started my SPS staking from the was available and now its been 1 month. Although airdrop was started in the last week of July staking option was provided on 2nd August and today is the last day of the month that completes one month of staking. Its time to review how it has been going and what I can expect in the remaining days of the airdrop. SPS airdrop is happening daily and will continue to happen for 11 more months. Since the equal amounts of tokens are distributed if there is no change in holding as it takes a daily snapshot so based on my 1-month staking I can have a rough idea about my total holding of SPS token.

This is the snapshot of my SPS wallet and I have accumulated 1765 tokens in total that values $675 as of now where the token price is $0.38. if I take an example that I will earn 1700 approx tokens in a month then after 12 months I will have 20400 tokens and roughly I can expect to have 20k tokens in any case. 20k tokens is not a small amount and even at the current price I can expect it to be 10K USD worth value but my plan is not to sell out reason soon.

Screenshot 20210831 at 4.57.59 PM.png

Screenshot 20210831 at 5.04.01 PM.png

Earlier I used to play daily quest and claim the quest reward but after the airdrop now I also claim my daily airdrop along with staking reward and then stake it all. Here is the snapshot that's showing my history of daily activities in SPS. I tried to get it done every day without fail so that my tokens are never idle and I want to put them in the reward pool so that start earning me more tokens.

Screenshot 20210831 at 5.04.56 PM.png

I am so excited about my journey on splinterlands because its making things awesome every day. SPS airdrop and staking are doing great however we can see the dip in APR because more people are staking their tokens. It always happens when more tokens are in the stake pool when the percentage of APR reduces and I have seen it coming down from 500% to 153% in a month time. Certainly, it will further down further but still the current rate is so amazing because at this rate we can earn a good amount of tokens and I just this 153% and hope it stays stable for some more time. Now since I have some stake than an even lower apr percentage will make me earn a good number of tokens.

With an increasing stake of tokens, a lower percentage will also get the almost same amount of tokens, and its good enough to hold. Stake and earn are quite popular but with splinterlads where #play2earn is a concept, now we have a stake and earn as well.

Apart from SPS staking I also enjoy the value increase of my account and sharing here my account value that we can check in splinterlands discord. Today my account value is 7K USD and last week it was 5k. Since card prices are increasing significantly so overall account value is also increasing.

Screenshot 20210831 at 5.16.19 PM.png

With splinterlands, I don't just #play2earn but also #stake2earn and this is a great way to have passive income. Crypto is a great place to create passive income provided we follow discipline and have a clear goal. My goal is simple that I am not going to sell anything that I hold with splinterlands and will follow all the ways that can get me some additional earnings. I still feel that its just the beginning and there is a lot to come so I am. here to experience many upcoming things on this amazing platform.

Thank You so much

Stay Safe

[images are taken from splinterlands]

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When ever I see people talking about SPS my head swells. It is really painful that I didn't enjoy from this cruise. I am a big fan of this project long ago, the only reason I didn't take part was because of me not owing a PC or Laptop back then, but that aside. I love the project.

Will you advice someone to join the pool at this period if I am to ask?

Hi sure you can join the project the price of sps is still very cheap, you can as well buy more sps and stake using pancakeswap which im currently doing at the moment its not too late to start out friend.

I am a big fan of SPS tokens and even I do stake so that I can get better APR. I think that even with 150+% of apr we can earn a good number of tokens every day and hope it stays stable. I can see i dropping but expect it not to go down below 100.
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Hello dear friend @reeta0119, it is great what you mention and what you are currently generating and what you will have in the future, without a doubt, splinterlands is one of the best blockchain games out there, it has been in the market for a long time and is giving a lot of happiness to its players, I hope you get what you propose.

See you later, have a great weekend.

Hi there thank you for sharing this great investment advice with us. It seems that soon sps reward will decrease up to 100% but it is not bad though. 100% is also very good return and instead of holding sps it is better to stake it. Your oerall account value is decent keep going.

Thanks for your nice comment. Have a great day

A way to generate some profit each day.

its great indeed. thanks

Hey dear im much happy for your effort put out to come this far with your earning thanks much i wish you all the very best in all your endeavors.

I am trying to build something big in long term. thanks for your nice words