PayPal Launching Crypto Trading in UK!

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Paypal is a financial technology company based in the US and they provide online payment systems in various countries. Its one of the biggest companies in the segment and they operate in all major countries across the world. They had allowed their users to trade in crypto using Paypal and it was started with the US only early this year. Paypal has a presence in many countries so if they add crypto on their platform then for sure its going to get them more revenue and also more users to the crypto community.



Now PayPal seems to be taking another lead and now they are going to expand their crypto buy and sell services for their users in the UK. We know that PayPal has millions of users and if 10% of users only join crypto for trading or long-term holding then we can surely see the impact on the crypto prices. Its also an indication that Paypal is trying to take a lead in the crypto segment and it could be because they have released the potential. We know that many leading companies have entered crypto and this list is going to be longer in the coming month and years.

PayPal says its foray into crypto is about making it easier for people to participate in the market. “The tokens and coins have been around for a while but you had to be a relatively sophisticated user to be able to access that,” da Ponte said. “Having that on a platform like ours makes a really good entry point.”

With this addition, we can expect much more in the coming days. Now. days market is doing well ad many positive news all around. Bitcoin has crossed the 50k USD mark after 3 months. Not just Bitcoin but altcoins have also started growing and if tesla announces something positive then we can see more positive price movement.



Paypal operates in India but there is no update so far if they have the plan to make it available here however if they continue to increase their crypto portfolio then we can see many big countries added in the list. Coinbase has taken a lead with its IPO and many others are now taking their entry in crypto so this is all that creates lots of excitement and it seems like the year 2022 will be amazing. We are almost done with 8 months in 2021 and the remaining 4 months can be great for crypto once again life we have witnessed last year.
Usually last quarter of the year is the best time than we often see a significant increase in price and hopefully, this year also go the same way.

How do you see this move by Paypayla and do you think it will help the community to grow and add more people in this space. Since this is happening in UK which is a rich country with having strong currency value so I also expect that it will get many big investors in crypto due to this. Any positive move that happens in the crypto space is always good because it anyways helps to get more people onboarded and with the passing months, we can also see more innovation to make crypto transactions easier which is very much needed since e not everyone is so tech-savvy.

Thank you so much

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Hello @reeta0119 💕😊

I'm really excited to read this great news about PayPal accepting cryptocurrencies on it's platform. There's actually no doubt that this will create more bullish trend in the crypto market. Let's just keep hoping for more top companies and industries adopting cryptocurrency as time goes on.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead 💕💕❤️

Thanks for letting us know about this, which is surely a great opening to more crypto space.

This new update will be of great help to all of us who have a Paypal account. I assume that little by little this platform will be added to more countries, this way we will all be able to enjoy the tools that Paypal offers.

Greetings @reeta0119-

Cryptocurrencies are gradually taking over the world economy, in the case of PayPal, I have read several news about its commercial advances based on Crypto, it is very interesting what it raises in the UK, being innovative advances that can generate good benefits for both worlds, in the case of Paypal, it can acquire more users than it currently has that are already many, as well as more revenue, in the case of cryptocurrency it will generate more confidence for the incorporation of new investors.

@tipu curate 2

Very interesting to see all this new achievement made in the crypto space we await more interesting news thanks for sharing.

mmm interesting @reeta0119 will Paipal be the trigger of the 50k? in the BTC, I like you I hope so, thanks for informing us with this very interesting post.

I still remember when Paypal was launched and I must say with all propriety that it was very helpful to Venezuelans at the time, until the government blocked all Venezuelans from using credit cards.

So all of us who were able to have a paypal account before that will be able to enjoy all the benefits that this platform offers.