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The travel and tourism industry has been affected badly by the pandemic for oven a year time. This industry is consists of aviation, hotels, and much more and because of covid all of these are having a tough time. This might continue for some more time but once covid is over and there is some significant improvement then there will be much more action in this industry. People are locked at their places for quite a long time and they are waiting to go out but the current situation is not letting them do it.



It was a growing industry until this covid pandemic was started and certainly, it will grow once things start to improve. I was working on one of the travel projects on blockchain and its known Its a platform that offers a variety of options Hotels a ticket booking and much other travel and tourism-related services under one roof. The good part is that all these can be booked by making payment to cryptocurrencies and this is something making this project a great one and I see it has huge potential in coming years. Their native token name is AVA and during the bull run, it has grown significantly however once travel resumes then I expect that it should show a good move once again.

At, we connect travellers with one of the world’s largest selections of incredible places to stay, including everything from hotels, apartments, villas, and hostels to 5-star luxury resorts. The platform currently offers 2,200,000+ properties covering 90,124 destinations in 230 countries and territories and with prices up to 40% cheaper than mainstream travel booking platforms.


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Its one of the projects that I am watching closely and that too for the long term because travel is never going to end and since it enables crypto payment for tourism so its expect to get more attention. Now is the time when some people started exploring options where payment can be made using crypto and this is just the beginning. The majority of people travel at least once a year and crypto enthusiasts will prefer to use their crypto travel bookings. When more people start using tavala then this community will grow that will empower AVA token price and its use case will improve. Like these days we see exchnages are having their native token so in the same pattern travala also have their token.

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More users coming to this platform will increase AVA holding and AVA holders will get better benefits which will add value to the token economy. They offer a huge variety of travel options including hotels and crypto payment options.

Crypto is growing but the project having real-life use case has huge potential to grow and more people like to use their crypto for the thing that they use. Not everyone will be a long term holder because many of us want to use crypto in our daily life. This is certainly a project that brings real-life use cases of crypto and can play a vital role in crypto mass adoption.

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Greetings, @reeta0119.

The tourism industry generates profits of millions of dollars a year. Even in times of pandemic, this activity has not stopped completely.
On the one hand, leisure travel has been drastically reduced, but business travel cannot be stopped.

Allowing payments for travel services, hotel accommodations and reservations to be made through cryptography is a breakthrough for the industry.

The greatest advantage that I can see is the universality of the currency to make payments, since, if we are going to travel to other nations, we could avoid procedures in exchange houses to obtain the Fiat corresponding to each country with the use of cryptocurrencies.