White & Black…nude

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When you are on a street-photography hunt, and there are no interesting people and or situations to photograph, it can be worthwhile to look up ...
Nice huh.
It has always been there, at least, it had been there long before I was born, but I had never really paid attention to it ...
But today I saw it, the beautiful architecture with an eye for detail. Still more pleasant to look at than that new sleek and all similar high-rise ...

And no! The fact that the lady is naked up there has not affected me at all. I would have taken the photo if it had been a naked man ... but without a zoom lens 😉

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that would have been taken down in my place, not to mention it might come from different religion, but also for porn. 😂😂😂
and still found it ridiculuos.

it's not from a different religion... it's from the one and only religion: Art! 😉😂

agree with you,
just can't understand the majority in my place

!trdo as well ;) Cheers

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