Self Defense Situation - Part 86: Self Defense Against Hidden Knife Attack

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When you see something, you can be more aware of that. If the attacker has a knife and you see that, you know that he will attack you with the knife. So you can do something to defend yourself in that situation. But how do you defend yourself against a knife attack that is hidden?

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Welcome back to Self Defense Situation - Part 86. In this series of posts, we usually talk about different situations and what you can do to defend yourself and get back home safe.

If you have an argument, that's normal. When someone takes that seriously and attempts to attack you with a knife that is hidden, you need to spot that first to defend yourself. Let's watch this video first. All video credit goes to Nick Drossos.

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When someone is aggressive and arguing with you, you do not know whether he has any weapon or not. You can feel and guess what might happen by observing the attacker in the first place. His attitude and behavior show a lot of things. And it will give an indication what he is about to do.

Do not just focus on one thing. The attacker can use any technique or take advantage of the situation. If you see the attacker is hiding his hand behind, that is dangerous. You have to be careful and at the time, make some distance.

It is better to stop the attacker when you see him pulling his knife. When he has the knife in his hand, this is a challenging situation. You can grab and trap his hands when he is about to draw his knife and attack him to protect yourself.

Thank you so much for reading this. Please feel free to share your opinions and experience below. To learn more about self defense, you can join Self Defense View Community and check out some of my recent posts.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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