On January 24 comes the open beta of Legends Of Runeterra

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Riot Games wants to start 2020 strongly and, for that, announces the launch of the open beta of Legends of Runeterra on PC for January 24 at 20:00. Players who have already participated in the trial versions of last year or who are pre-registered before January 20 at 08:59, may access a day before (January 23 at 20:00) to the title of cards for PC set in the universe of League of Legends.

Until now, LoR has been able to play twice during limited access test versions. From January 24 at 20:00, the game will become open access, and anyone can create an account and start playing for free at https://playruneterra.com/en-us

It should be noted that all accounts will be completely restarted for the open beta; however, this is the last time players will have to start from scratch the progress in LoR. Riot has modified the economy within LoR, which will impact the value of the currencies (LoR's own currency, equivalent to the Riot Points used in League of Legends) and the experience received for each game won. An article will be published on January 22 that will explain in depth these changes to the economy.

On the occasion of the reboot of accounts, all those players who spent money to unlock content will recover their coins to return to invest in whatever they want. Due to the changes in the economy the total number of currencies will be different, but the purchasing power will be the same, since the prices of the store's items will also be modified.

The open beta comes with important news regarding the latest trial version carried out in November 2019. One of the most important will be the new qualifying mode, which will follow the same system of leagues and divisions as established in League of Legends, with the difference that there will be no promotions, once 100LP is reached it will be promoted directly.

The first LoR qualifying season will begin with the beta and will last until the official launch of the game. Once finished, players will receive an icon that will vary based on the highest division they have reached.


The list of friends will be available from day one for players to start challenging each other in friendly challenges. In addition, more than 20 letters will be updated (including a full review of Anivia) and several improvements will be implemented. The full version notes will be published on January 22 at 8:00 p.m.

LoR will have new customizable items in the games: the boards and guardians. It is another way for players to show their personality and style of play in games. Everyone who participates in the open beta will receive an exclusive lunar pore guardian when the full launch takes place in 2020.

Legends of Runeterra will be officially launched later this year for both PC and mobile, and will be fully compatible with cross-game between the two platforms. Players will keep all the content they have obtained during the open beta.

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