Chinese word-making art "Talent" / 中国造字艺术 “才”

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Chinese word-making art "Talent"

I writed 1 Chinese word at today,
This word is use pencil to write,
This word is "Talent".

I writed 3 words as shown.
These 3 types of writing all is refer to "Talent" word,
Them is at different era, different ways of writed.

In ancient of China,
The word "Talent" is a fake borrowed word.
Use grass to describe "Talent".
So it ’s written as
First draw "Horizontal line", which represents the land.
Draw "Vertical line" again, representing grass that sprouts upwards and roots downwards.
The black area in the middle represents the seeds.

Other word-making arts
"Rain" and "small"


中国造字艺术 “才”





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