Update on STEEM Santa/Steem Santa 活动能量(RC)补给站更新

in hive-180932 •  3 months ago  (edited)

We released Steem Santa (A free delegation service for those who don't have enough RC to interact with STEEM blockchain) about two week ago, and received some valuable feedbacks

Basic on the feedbacks, we would like to replace maximum 35 SP criterion with account has to make at least one post in last 7 days criterion.

New criterions are:

  • Account has to have reputation of 25 or greater
  • Account has to make at least one post in last 7 days
  • Account has insufficient RC


Also the program will check all the delegatees' reputations, if any of the accounts has reputation less than 25, the free delegation will be automatically withdrew.

Hope this update will help more steem users who are in need of RC.

两周前发布的Steem Santa 活动能量(RC)补给站

根据收到的意见,对Steem Santa的代理规则进行的修改,取消之前账号必须拥有少于35 SP的限制,添加了账号必须在过去7日里至少发过一篇帖子的限制


  • 账号声望必须至少25
  • 账号必须在过去的7日里,至少发过一篇帖子
  • RC低于某个比例(如果你因为RC不足发不了帖子,那你就符合这条条件了)




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