First Fitness Activity for Actifit

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In this COVID 19 pandemic, exercise is so crucial due to a lot of us are teleworking home. A lot of us are gaining weight due to lack of exercise and eat more snacks home. I saw a lot of bloggers posted their fitness activities under Actifit Fitness Tracker, and I was wondering What it was?

I gain about 5 lbs since last March of the pandemic started. I try to control my intake and exercise daily. The exercise that I like the most is table tennis. After dinner, I play 20 minutes with my family almost every day. Walking around the neighborhood is the exercise that I love to do too. I usually walk with my kids on the trail. We chatted with each other, and we know more from the conversation. Now a day, teenagers don’t like to share stuff with parents, so walking with them is not just exercise also bounding.

I saw a beautiful lady wearing eye glasses @Rosatravel always upvoted my posts, and I was wondering who she was. From her introduction, she is the ambassador for Actifit. Then I read some of her posts. These posts were related to her daily fitness activities. Since I was a kid, I was already so active. Especially, I walked a long trail this morning, so why not download a Actifit Fitness Tracker App from Apple store and shared with other bloggers here.

I plan to lose 5 lbs before I go back to work in the office. I think this app will help me keeping track on what I am doing daily. Also, I will encourage myself to do more exercise because I want to write blog in this app. To able to write more blog here, I have to do exercise first. Do you agree?

(I wrote this post on the Actifit Fitness Tracker App, but I didn’t know why it has problem to post).

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An exercise a day, keeps the doctor away

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Lucky you, only gaining 5 lbs. Wish my metabolism is still that good.