About Defibox“Satellite protocol”

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Hello, everyone.I am the latitudeio

Everyone knows that defibox is a hot item on EOS. So this article will talk about the satellite protocol of defibox And think about how to operate from the point of view of the project.😇

About Defibox The concept of satellite protocol development😇

Defibox can develop from leveraged games.(As we all know, at present, most users of blockchain are in order to make money to play with the contract leverage of the centralized exchange. If contract leverage is added to the puzzle to develop applications using blockchain technology, then it can attract users.)

About Defibox operational Popularize

Most people know that there are a lot of dapp token on defibox, but It's not ideal.Adding leveraged games to the defibox satellite protocol can greatly improve the liquidity of dapp and wallet token, and can also stimulate developers to develop block chain applications.

On USN, you can cooperate with players to add real value.

In promotion, you can organize some leveraged games in cooperation with Wallet.

Thank you. This article is over.😇

​Defibox Global essay Contest

PC: https://defibox.io/activity/article ;

DAPP: https://defibox.340wan.com/activity/article

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