Huawei HarmonyOS

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As you know Huawei has been under attack by US using banning tactics to prevent gett chips made, and support for software components developed by US (ie Google)

Huawei response so far is to abandon Android, and pursue it's own mobile OS called HarmonyOS (ver 2.0 at current time).. which is based on LiteOS that could integrate with IoT.

The problem is whether they can encourage enough developers to port the Apps over to their new platform.

I believe Huawei need a killer App that is missing from iOS of Android platform... that may force people onto the HMS platform. An incremental HMS that is super powerful? if there are API that photography apps can hook into to do new capabilities that werent easily done before?

As an existing camera app on iOS or Android can not only easily port to HMS/HarmonyOS, but also can add new features without much effort. The App would then look superior on the HMS platform.

Also, currently Huawei is still focused on ARM and possibly JAVA... Any possibility they will go RISC V?

What kind of killer app can Huawei launch ? Perhaps getting EPIC onboard may also be one interesting area they can look at.

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