The Dying Earth: Geography -- "The Dead Sea"

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The dead sea is not a sea. It is the lowest inland lake in the world. It is located at the border of Israel, Palestine, and Jordan.


The dead sea was initially called "salt sea" in Hebrew. The sea contains a high salt concentration, which is 8.6 times higher than that of ordinary seawater. As a result, there are no living things in the water. Even on the land along the dead sea, there are few creatures except aquatic plants. That's one of the reasons people named it the dead sea.


The lake is dark blue, very calm, salt-rich water, so people can lie on their backs as if they were in bed. Even those who can't swim will not drown.

But over 40 years, the lake has shrunk by 30%. This is mainly because neighboring countries are digging up the Jordan River. Because of more sunny days, intense sunshine, substantial evaporation, less rain, and very little supplementary water, the dead sea has become more "thick" and unable to make ends meet. At this alarming ratio, the dead sea will disappear in the next 50 years.

There are many beautiful places in our world, which are the gifts of nature and formed by nature. Some of them have been preserved for thousands of years and still exist now. Some have long disappeared in the flood of history. Some places, if not protected, will soon go from the world.

Everyone has to protect the earth!

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