Learn with Gabo #4 / Aprende con Gabo #4 [ESP/ENG]

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Greetings creative friends. This time I bring you another installment of learn with Gabo, specifically installment number 4.

In this installment I will teach you something that I have not shown you in the previous installments, how to make a wire skeleton and how to work according to this skeleton.

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For this tutorial, we will be making a Bomberman figurine, a rather famous Konami video game character, so without further ado, let's get started.


The materials we will use will be the usual ones:
-Needles (for knitting and sewing)


The first thing I almost always do to make the skeletons of the figure, is to make a drawing of how I want to do it (1), then I shape the wire following the base of the drawing (2). Although it is not always exact, I try to follow this guide until I get the desired result (3).


As seen in image 4 below, this is how the skeleton looks like. I always hold the center of the skeleton well with thread or more wire (15), then I cut the ends of the joints so that the wire is thinner, so that there is no double wire in any extension of the figure (6).


Once the skeleton is ready, we begin to cover the torso of the figure, which is the largest part of the body (7). We close it and mold it in the shape of an egg or as close as possible to this shape (8).


When the body is ready, we start with the extremities, in this case the legs. The first thing is to make a white sphere (9), stretch it in a cylindrical shape (10, 11) and then flatten it little by little (12). Finally we cut in half what we did (13).


Each half will be for an extremity. We place the thin layer of plasticine on the wire (14) and close it (15), then we mold it with the help of the needle until we obtain the desired result (16).


Repeat the same process for the other leg. Cover (17) and close (18).


This is how the figure looks with all the extremities covered with plasticine.


Now it's time to work on the feet. In learn with Gabo #4 we made Kirby's feet, which are the same type of feet we will make for this figure. First a sphere (20), we molded a conical shape (21) and finally we flattened the base of the feet (22).


In the image 23 you can see the size that each foot should have in comparison with the legs of the figurine. We have to make two small holes in the case (24), cut the heel part (25), place it on the base after cutting the heel of the foot (26) and close it (27).


With the other foot it is not necessary to open it, we simply make a hole in the foot (28) and place it on the wire (29).


For the hands it is much simpler, we simply make two spheres (30), we make a hole in each sphere (31) and we put them in place (32). For the right hand we have to flatten a little what would be the palm to place the pump (33) and once this is done we place it in place (34).


In this case for the pump is much simpler too. We make a black sphere (35), and a much smaller sphere (36). We flatten the smaller sphere (37) a bit and place the black tortilla on top of the larger black sphere (38).


Make a hole on the bomb for the wick (39), make a strip of plasticine, fold it (40) and roll it up like a braid (41). Then put the wick in place (42) and make a small flame by cutting yellow and red plasticine with scissors (43).


Once the sphere is ready, we put it in place. This is how the figure goes so far:


To make the head, for the size, we make a paper sphere (45), then we cover it with white plasticine (46), then we close it and give it the desired shape of the head of our bomberman, almost sphere but somewhat flattened (47).

The other thing is a scarf. To make it we flatten red plasticine and cut it with a scissors until we get the desired shape (48), then we shape the folds with the tip of a needle or a wooden stick (49). We put it in place (50) and place two more red strips on the back (51).


To continue with the head, we use our thumb and flatten a little the place where the face will go (52). We use pink plasticine and make a sort of oval (53).


This is what the figure looks like once the face is in place:


Time for details. Our bomberman has a sort of golden bracelet on his wrist. For this we make a mustard-colored sheet (the color closest to gold in plasticine) (55) and put it in place (56). We do the same with the other arm (57).

He also wears a belt that is simply made with a sheet of black plasticine and a small square of the same color of the bracelet (58). You also have to make a pink sphere for a little detail that has bomberman in the helmet (59) and finally the eyes, in the purest style of the Kirby of the previous delivery (60).


To this figurine I made a base simulating a brick, simply sheets of flattened orange plasticine.


This is how our bomberman figure was finished. Below I leave a series of photographs from different angl

Uploading image #4...

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