Having some drink at Chatime, Sun Plaza Medan

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When we were in Medan, we visited Sun Plaza. Sun Plaza is one of the biggest mall in Medan City. It’s located not so far from Adimulia hotel, where we stayed during in Medan. We just walked for about three minutes to arrive in Sun Plaza. We could do shopping there. And my kids liked to buy some drink at Chatime. They really liked to wait their order. 

Chatime is so famous here. But this business is from Taiwan. But now it has spread throughout the earth. Chatime may be found in many big cities. It was established since 2005. wikipedia. I think we could find Chatime shop at every mall in Indonesia. It’s really happening. 

In Medan city, we may find chatime in every mall, like Sun Plaza, Centre Point, Podomoro Mall, etc. Many people like to drink some menus of Chatime, including my kids. How about you? Do you have Chatime in your city? 

I knew Chatime for the first time when I was in Palembang. It was in 2012, I tried the drink of Chatime in Palembang Square Mall. Palembang is the capital of South Sumatra Province. I think Chatime is so “viral” in Indonesia as we could find it everywhere nowadays. 

After buying two cups of Chatime drink, we took them away. My kids love the drink so much. We walked to Adimulia Hotel. It’s located just a throw stone from Sun Plaza, it’s just three minutes walk. 

We stayed at Adimulia Hotel during in Medan. I spent quality time with my family in Medan, go shopping and trying some dishes in different restaurants. 

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