Takeaway Fried Rice With Kalasan Fried Chicken by Uncle K

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It was almost late at night, when I was in hurry to catch up Uncle K Restaurant to buy some takeaway food. After shopping at Hypermart at Sun Plaza, Medan my kids ordered me to buy fried rice. I remember that Uncle K provide a delicious fried rice with Kalasan fried chicken. Then, I walked quickly to the fifth floor. 

Fortunately, Uncle K wasn’t closed yet. So that, I soon ordered three portions of Kalasan friend rice for takeaway. The waitress there, a pretty girl just served very well. 

I was so happy. So I was waiting for the fried rice prepared. I was the only guest there. I believe I was the last guest that night. I put the plastic bag of Hypermart on the table. It took about 25 minutes to finally the fried rice cooked. While waiting for the fried rice with kalasan fried chicken, I read and curated contents on social media social blockchain. 

After that, I take the fried rice away to our hotel. My kids loved so much this fried rice. It’s so delicious and tasty. We ate the fried rice together. 

I spent IDR 134,640 for three portions of Kalasan Fried Rice. It was really a good price. It’s not expensive compared to its delicious taste.

I was so happy that finally I took the rice away to our hotel for my kids. I love Uncle K. Kalasan fried chicken is one of my favorite menu at Uncle K Restaurant. 

We could find Uncle K at almost every mall in Medan City. 

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