Bird Photography: Bright Capped Cisticola

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Harvest is on the way, birds are dancing over, looking for a chance to steal a little food from the peasants. I just found out that a few birds were having good time around the paddy field. Playing hide and seek with the peasants who were keeping eyes on them. I saw how they fooled the peasant, hiding under the grass and retried stealing a little grain from the field but this bird did not stagger much over the paddy field, it prefer seeking for another food instead of the grain.


It has very small body with orange feathers that look like tiny Eurasian wren, singing out load to welcome harvest season. Before I really take a shot, I had to wait for sometimes until it showed up, stood on the stalks.


As I used to do when I spotted such a wild bird, I made my way to the hiding place to take the pictures.


It was there for sometimes and fancy seeing them not making such a significant move so I could play with the clicks.


Ups! It seemed to be having something came up, and right before I continued taking another shots, it flew away and made me wait for its return.


CameraNikon D7000
CategoryBird Photography
LensTamron Tele-Macro 70-300
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