A pretty little butterfly perched on a wild flower

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The type of butterfly that lives beautifully in the nature of Aceh.

All butterfly species in general appear to have different shapes and colors, all of which follow their respective species which are seen flying and playing in Aceh. and butterflies in general like flowers that bloom in trees or grasses of flowers that grow in nature, one of which is this type of small butterfly which is a daily activity perched on every flower every day..

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So many species of small insects also enjoy the flowers that look, as you can see in my picture this butterfly flies off another beautiful flower. I am not surprised to think about the behavior of all these types of winged insects, because this is a daily activity that must be done from morning to evening.

l happy look life in beautiful wild flower

maybe friends have a wonderful day trip and have a difficult and beautiful story, and all kinds of creatures other than insects that live in nature also have a different story for me, and one that we have to live with every day. But the next day we will all return to carving new stories in the journey of our lives, this day has passed clearly but in the future our hope will be even more beautiful..

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Various types of small insects that live beautifully in the nature of Aceh

These little winged insects are also seen enjoying their beautiful life today with wild flowers, and many other types of small insects that are seen in nature and next I will post all kinds of insects every day.

ades (4).jpg

ades (3).jpg

Hopefully tomorrow we all will be able to smile all sweet

Greetings to all my friends here, and thanks for the support on my post about the life of butterflies and insects in nature of Aceh grass today. and l hope all will always be in the spirit of work in your day, I can think life is full of struggles of all, and all is not as easy as we imagine it and that is important we continue the spirit from day to day.

Warm greetings from me @ades

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Nice set of photos.

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