Grasshopper lives beautiful in the natural of Aceh

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Hello insect photography lover.
Come back with me, this time I'm going to show you some pictures of brown grasshoppers that I found in the grass. This type of grasshopper is very easy to find in my area, according to my reading on the wikipedia website, this insect is called the rufous grasshopper or Gumphocerippus rupus. This grasshopper is almost the same as other grasshoppers. Only the color is different from other grasshoppers. Here are some pictures that I took using the Redmi Note 9 smartphone camera and a special macro lens for smartphones. I hope you like this picture of mine.








Hopefully tomorrow we all will be able to smile all sweet

Greetings to all my friends here, and thanks for the support on my post about the life of butterflies and insects in nature of Aceh grass today. and l hope all will always be in the spirit of work in your day, I can think life is full of struggles of all, and all is not as easy as we imagine it and that is important we continue the spirit from day to day.

Warm greetings from me @ades

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nice photographer @ades