Global.bittrex has 0.02051850 BTC stolen

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Bittrex Global is the world's largest transaction. But nobody is afraid to make a big mistake again. They have stolen a small amount of money. In which Bittrex Global has all the information. And he is not giving us any kind of information. I do not understand yet That Bittrex can trust global transactions. Someone stole my money there. It turned out without my permission. There was always a message on my email as soon as the accounts were opened. But no message has come this time. You can also check. I have suffered a lot, I need complete information about it. Who will compensate for my loss I trusted But this is also being fraudulent.

Actions performed in the reported unauthorized access to your account required access to your email. Please make sure to secure your email account.

Please know that we take each of these reports seriously, and that we have investigated potential causes of your loss of funds. Based on information you provided and other information that we have gathered, it is clear that your login credentials (username/password combination) were lost outside of the Bittrex Global environment. In other words, someone stole your credentials and logged in masquerading as you. It is most likely that you (a) visited a phishing site that is designed to look and behave like Bittrex Global’s site (see the example below), (b) that someone has compromised your email and/or wireless mobile device account, or (c) that you used the same username/password combination for another site or service that was compromised. In each of these scenarios, the people who logged into your Bittrex Global account and moved your funds had already obtained your valid login credentials before they visited the Bittrex Global site. This is one of the hardest forms of account compromise to combat because there is no way for Bittrex Global to identify unauthorized parties when they are using your valid credentials.

We have observed that sometimes this type of compromise happens when a user accidentally downloads a malicious application to their phone or mobile device. As mentioned above, we have also observed several examples of phishing sites appearing on Google and other search results for “Bittrex Global.” Here is an example that shows the fake Bittrex Global sites along with the real sites.

When users click on links to these sites, they are tricked into providing their login credentials, which the phishing site owners immediately use to log into Bittrex Global and to conduct trades or withdrawals that move funds out of your account. These are sophisticated attacks that are very difficult, if not impossible, to reliably detect or stop in real-time. The only reliable way to prevent this from happening is to vigilantly secure your login credentials and to change them often.

While we are sorry that your funds were lost, it is ultimately your responsibility to maintain the security of your login credentials. There really is no way to recover your funds at this time. If you have not already done so, we strongly encourage you to do the following:

Always browse directly to instead of searching for it.
Review your recent browsing history to identify whether you unintentionally visited and surrendered your credentials to any phishing site.
Scan your computer and mobile devices for malicious software.
Change all of your passwords, and take steps to secure your other online accounts.
Change your Bittrex Global password to a unique and complex password that is not used anywhere else.
Check with your wireless provider to make sure that you have set your wireless account to require a unique PIN in order to make modifications to authorized users of your service.
Enable two-factor authentication on your Bittrex Global account, and if it was already enabled, disable and re-enable it.
Report the event to your local law enforcement and encourage them to contact us if they need additional information about the incident.

If you have disabled your account, please reply here once you have changed your password and secured your account with two-factor authentication.


We have got this reply. They can steal data without permission. All this has happened to The data you have sent to me. You do not have email information in it. We have not done any verification on our e-mail, I have lost $ 1301, this is a huge amount of money. I had been collecting for two years. But it has been stolen on your Bittrex Global. In which I do not have any kind of information. You can check the data sent to my e-mail. Because shipped by Bittrex Global. Check that email I need your people's help. In which I can solve it.

There were 10 HIVE. But about 30 HIVE is required to replace them. That too has been stolen. 800 steem has also been stolen. I do not have any information about them either. Because I did not open Bittrex Global on 12/05/21. Then how to send the money to 0.0205 BTC on its own. I have suffered this loss very heavily. But you can keep your money safe.

This is very sad for me. Because I needed money. This can be helpful for me. I have learned a lot in my life. Not every day is the same. The one who stole my money. There was a loss of more than that. I can work hard again. I believe in my hard work. But it still continues to be fraudulent.

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Got to be careful then, hard earned money is precious!

Thank you for supporting. But the thief is getting more in the world.

Its a major problem!

Thanks for your helpful information