ATTENTION! WOX Photography and Art Contests are going for VACATION!

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Oh well, trying to push through another journey until Autumn comes with obviously another wave of Covid restrictions.
Lets hope wouldn't be so strict as last year, but still

At this point all weekly contests are postponed for the next two weeks and will be continued in a normal manner as from 06 of September

All present weeks entries will be considered, judged and prizes sent starting from 06 of September accordingly

Wish me a good time! :)

PS. The destination will be kept in secret.. so far... :)


You can buy my works in hi-resolution digital format


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Have a wonderful vacation axeman, relax and have fun

Oh, have a great vacation, Axe, I will be waiting for new sets of your visual treats once you're back! Cheers :)

happy holidays friend have a good time and enjoy

Feliz viaje y que todo salga como lo tienes planeado, hasta pronto.

Saludos y bendiciones.

Enjoy your vacation and photographic excursions:) @axeman

I hope you have a great time with your loved ones @axeman!
Stay safe!


Probably, a southern country this time.

Have a nice holiday😊

Do have a great time and probably share some shorts with is later if you will.

Have fun....can't wait to see new photos :)

  ·  last year (edited)

wish you a happy trip! will be missing your b-w juri ;-)
dont grab some new nasty C-20 stuff there!

Thank You for sharing Your insights...

Felicidades merecidas vacaciones los esperamos pronto y recargados de muy buena vibra, para nueva temporadas y muy buen entretenimiento para todos los usuarios. El éxito sea su norte. SALUDOS CORDIALES.

Good my dear friend, it only remains to wish you a happy trip and a fantastic vacation, we will be waiting for you, so yes, with many photos for you to show us

Have a good trip @axeman

Felices vacaciones. Muchas bendiciones y regresa pronto.

Estupendas vacaciones @axeman

Have fun!

The secret will be broken at the first bunch of images...

Have a nice trip!

But thats only when I come back :D

Have a great time @axeman. You're definitely right to enjoy the break while you have the chance.

Feliz viaje que disfrutes tus merecidas vacaciones, que todo te salga bien asta pronto.

Feliz viaje @axeman extrañaré los concursos

So bad I was just make a post 😢

feliz destino Dios bendiga tu salida y entrada encantada con cada fotografía que publicas,

Почему-то мне кажется, что это будет Норвегия?
Интересно сработает ли моя интуиция на этот раз :-)
Счастливого отпуска и новых неизгладимых впечатлений!

I missed you. Stay safe and have a wonderful vacation

I'm so curious 🕵️‍♀️ Based on the plane photo you @axeman posted you must be off to somewhere in Europe which is over 40 countries🤔

waiting to see. Regards.