A Broken Time - A Visual Story (8 Photos)

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Something more special and unusual for today's visual story. Last March had pretty cool high fashion photoshoot at local beauty clinic. While shooting the model we had few additional accessories. One of those was the set of nice glass sand watches. Had to broke one of them to get this visual effect of a broken time, so took the possibility to make few closer shots of just got composition on the floor

Mixed natural light and movable flash

Enjoy the closer views!









CameraCanon 1Dx / Tamron 24-70mm/f2.8 G2 / Mixed light

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When I started to see the images, the first thing I thought about was a sand clock, the figures look like bottles.

Yeah and this is pretty cool design :)

We must always use our creativity to make our images, the images with the bottles in sand caught my attention.

Very interesting subject and unusual...

Las botellas tienen un diseño muy original, mas robusto no es el clásico redondeado.

Was quite an issue actually to broke one )

Lo imagino, por la textura. jajaja

It looks like you added a little touch of editing after you took the shots. Amazing!