Escaping the Darkness

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A lot dramatic view with a feeling that this small boat trying to escape from the Dark Force falling from the skies. If to put some more imagination you may even see some flying monster in the skies...

Shot with long tele-photo lens at the beach of Baltic Sea pretty close to the gates to the port of Klaipeda. This is a boat with fishermen and it is not really too far from the coast

Post-production in LR+PS



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CameraCanon 60D / Sigma 18-250mm / Natural Light

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Really an amazing scene.I'm loving it.😍
Nothing is more beautiful than nature💚

Thank You!

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This is just so beautiful 😮

God is perfect!
I love it!


It's good to see that your work is getting the rewards it deserves, I like to see those numbers and wish you more success, greetings friend

All is still relative )