Flowers Mood - A Visual Story (11 Photos)

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Today we are going into macro flowers world with a manual focus lens providing much more interesting bokeh. Some special colder color grading added to get deeper and darker mood

Natural light only













CameraCanon 6D / MF Lens /Natural light

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These flowers are beautiful ,💥

The splendour of nature.

Nice one

Me encantaron son increíblemente artísticas.

Me siento en un mundo fantástico o magico al verlas

I have seen your pictures in the past too. Your pictures are very beautiful and you take good pictures.

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A Beauty

I love macro shotas anyway but the colour processing you've done on these make them look extra dramatic. Great work!

Love extra dramas, lol :)

Hermosas fotografías

Beautiful flowers man. Could you give your views on my art if you like?