Shrooms and not only - A Visual Story Part 3 (12 Photos)

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Today we are coming back to the magic forest of Curonian Spit, Lithuania. But this time with another camera and another magic vintage manual focus lens. Taken from old projector and fixed on a modern camera it produces just amazing fairy tale bokeh and I always love to take it for random shots due this reason.

So, last weekend was just a great weather (counting that middle of Autumn at Baltic is not the best time really) and me and my wife too this possibility for quite a long walk around in the forest. While I still was trying to look much more under my foot trying to find some interesting elements to shoot.

While there is always a lot of subjects to shoot in the forest, there were still pretty lot of mushrooms (not eatable anyway, but still good for photography). And for me the walk around in the forest looked like more a cross-fit training - getting down on the knees and up, down and up :)

After all the result always worth it. And here is small set of macro photos and again with kind of special color grading

Post-production in LR+PS. Natural light only

Enjoy !













CameraSony A7 / D.O.Industries Navitron 50mm f/0.95 / Natural light

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ага. Navitron 50mm. узнаю тебя! так и подумал что это ты.
это без особенной обработки?

Nu cvet i kontrast... bazovaya Lightroom