The World of XPILAR - B&W PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK #059 - 20STEEM/14SBI in prizes! - Submissions post

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EXTRA HMs (1SBI each)








WEEK #059

1The contest is open for entire STEEMIT community
3Entries must be original work - NO PLAGIARISM
4The entry/photo or artwork must be as separate STEEMIT post with link in comment section. Please add PHOTO/ARTWORK to be visible as well
5Short description is warmly welcome
6You may submit ONE(1) entry per week
7All entries must be submitted by the next Tuesday (24.00Hrs CET)

All entries will be judged on basis of visual impact/creativity and quality/techniques. This is PHOTOGRAPHY/ART contest, don't forget :)
Be creative

1st place - 6 STEEM + 4 SBI
2nd place - 5 STEEM + 3 SBI
3rd place - 4 STEEM + 2 SBI
5 Honorable mentions - 1 STEEM + 1 SBI
Extra Honorable Mentions - 1 SBI

Supported by @xpilar


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Nice photo or any kind of post would you like

Thank you very much for this reward. I can't explain how good is to see that I am doing something good and it gets rewarded. However, I would like to congratulate all members. Great works! For this week I am posting a Banana bridge. Actually, it is a bridge in Hanoi called Long Biên Bridge, but we call it Bana bridge since under this bridge is Banana Island. The shot is taken from there and I will share with you some more cool photos from here. Anyway, I tried to catch this secret and somehow mystic atmosphere on this island. I might write an article about this island in the future and you will see what is so mystical here ;) I hope you like the photo and good luck to all contestant


Interesting low angle photo, the black and white tone gives it some mystery.
Thank you for your congratulations and we hope to see more of your work.
"Take a look at my post and follow me, I for my part will do the same."

Thank you for your support. I am glad you like it. Yes, I tried to make some bigger contrast between black and white and show the real star in all glory. steel is cold but not on the sun ... I am already following you :)

Thanks for the mention @axeman!
Here is my participation


Hello Everyone! I hope all of you are doing well. Thank you @axeman for inviting me in this contest.

I wish to share with you all my entry for this stunning competition. Press the click below for more information.


Thank you @axeman et congratulations all !
My work for this week with the beautiful Leyä !
Session studio-699.jpg

Thank you @bellana :)

The black and white portrait photography are fantastic. I like your work. The model's attitude and expression carry a message.
Congratulations to the model ..!
Take a look at my post and follow me, I for my part will do the same ".

Thank you very much !


  • Dejo mi entrada para el concurso:


Suerte a todos

Hola, aquí les dejo mi participación

Hi there,
As a newcomer first time participating!
Here is my entry!😀

Felicitaciones a los Ganadores y participantes.
Mi entrada de la semana y suerte a todos.
WhatsApp Image 2021-03-11 at 11.33.13 AM.jpeg

Congratulations to the winners. Keep steeming and keep earning . And for the community moderator @axeman thanks for the good job.

Hi @axeman, this is my entry of the week, this is my first time in this contest, enjoy!


Visita al Fortín de la Caranta

Hola a todos: espero estén teniendo una excelente semana.
por acá dejo mi primera entrada a este maravilloso concurso de fotografía en b&n

Thank you for this mention and congrats to @wnfdiary, your photo is really well done

Thank you very much, dear. I am glad you like it. Your mention is also more than deserved! Keep doing great photos and keep posting here on Xpilar.

@ambamarcelo aquí puedes participar. Me encanta esta categoria.

Congratulations to all winners

My participation for this week : post

danube b & w.JPG

Thanks @axeman for extra hon mention.

Always appreciated 🍒

Congratulations to all the great winning submissions📯📯📯

Hola @axeman, yo soy Lía, por aquí mi entrada. Me divertí mucho haciendola. Espero que les guste tanto como a mí. Suerte a todos.



Grandiosa selección de contenidos.

Por aquí mi participación para esta semana


Hola amigos, felicitaciones a ganadores y participantes por sus excelentes publicaciones.
Esta es mi participación.


Hola @axeman, me agrada que realices estos concursos, que nos inspiran a mejorar y expresarnos a traves de esa foto o dibujo.

Aqui esta mi participacion 👇😃

Congratulations to all winners!
Here's my entry post for the week below.


Mi participación para el concurso.


Suerte a todos

Greetings @axeman, thank you very much for the extra honorable mention in the past contest, I feel motivated to keep forward. Here is my Entry of this week. Hope you like it and thanks for the opportunity.

IMG_20210314_170035 (1).jpg

Thanks for the mention @axeman, here's my entry for the week


My latest submission for competition. Many thanks @axeman :)

Congrats to all winners mentioned above !

My Original Fashion Painting in Black And White

llegue corriendo @axeman ... por aca Mi Entrada💨💦

2021-03-16 (10).png

Hello! here my entry.


A long day at work