The World of XPILAR - PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK #010 - 20STEEM/14SBI in prizes! - Submissions post

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WEEK #010

1The contest is open for entire STEEMIT community
4Entries must be original work - NO PLAGIARISM
5The entry photo must be in COMMENTS to this thread as well with the link to initial post
6Short description is warmly welcome
7You may submit ONE(1) entry per week
8All entries must be submitted by the WEDNESDAY following this post (24.00Hrs CET)

1st place - 6 STEEM + 4 SBI
2nd place - 5 STEEM + 3 SBI
3rd place - 4 STEEM + 2 SBI
Up to 5 Honorable mentions - 1 STEEM + 1 SBI

All entries will be judged on basis of visual impact/creativity and quality/techniques. This is PHOTOGRAPHY/ART contest, don't forget :)
Be creative


Supported by @xpilar


Supported by SBI

Calling all previous winners further to participate and make contest more popular and visible: @sweettais, @barbarabezina, @antorv, @ezunjoshy, @gracielaacevedo, @jungling, @magicworld, @edlili24, @remyrequenart, @jeemrocker, @lizcano, @littlegremlin, @imadear, @mister-omortson, @belenguerra, @creativepingu, @hienco, @biancaskarlet, @newmanjosue, @imadear, @promzyelisha, @ankit1234, @gorllara, @imaluv54, @manuel82, @esthersanchez, @hienco, @tanhunter254, @sincroniadivina, @sshila, @piotrgrafik, @zilustras, @julsart, @irenenavarroart, @luiyi-22, @artographer, @shajj, @manito92, @sincroniadivina, @tapu333, @chakkara, @marcocosta

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So here is my participation in PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY Contest

Link for my participation

#twopercent #pakistan

I have now started taking interest in every contest arranged here and here is my entry for the contest.




Felicidades a los ganadores! 🙌🔥 @manito92 súper bella fotografía!

Aquí dejo mi entrada: Epicorv

gracias bro!!! Buena entrada también para ti. Saludos.

Esas son las mejores yo tambien tengo de mi mama, mi abuela y mia je je je

je je je deberian hacer un concurso con fotos del ayer. gracias por comentar.

This is not a "Portrait"

I mistakenly commented in this contest..
Sorry for that @axeman

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Thank you very much @axeman for the initiative of this great contest for anyone who wants to express themselves with art, thank you for the evaluation of my work, everyone was great. success everyone!

Good pic

Para la entrada de esta semana les presento al señor John.
For my entry of these week i present to you mister john.

Hola felicidades a los ganadores de esta seman
Aquí les dejo mi entrada Drawing to Daenerys targaryen


Thanks for the mention ... Soon I will be leaving my participation.

Congratulations to the winners!

Thanks for running this contest @axeman.

@steemcurator02 will drop some votes on the winners.

If you could include the links to the winning posts next time that will help a lot.

Thank you from the Steemit Team

Thanks a lot @steemcurator01

It is not a problem to include links, but issue with following upvotes (due to the fact that contest lasts 1 week + some time for judging) that some posts always reach payout time. That's why this way was actually never adopted earlier in order to be "fair" for participants

Anyway, will try to include those starting from next week

Thank you very much @axeman!!


I'm just a Human and sometimes just miss some partcipants.. )

Ah okey that's right we are human thanks for answering....

Coloqueme en la lista porque ya con esta he participado varias veces. y seguiremos participando. en algún momento la pegamos.

Impressive ❤️

many many congratulations everyone ❤️ all entries are best and they really deserve to win ❤️ 😉

first one by marcocosta is such a master piece of artwork ❤️ 💖

@qwerrie ❤️ perfect click ❤️ beauty inside mask hehe.

What is that haha you ate all the chocolates?? 🤣🐰🔥

hahahaha ... I wish they were chocolates, it's actually a face mask ...

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Thanks a lot for appreciating my work. My these week entry,


Hi @axeman
My Entry


Está es Mi entrada al consurso. Espero les agrade mi fotografía.


angry bird 🐦😜

Gracias por la mención especial mi lindo @axeman


This is my entry for the portrait contest. It was me taking my picture usingy huawei Y9.
Thank you @axeman

My entry PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART PORTRAIT CONTEST (WEEK # 010) organized by @axeman

Greetings friends of The World of XPILAR - PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK #010. Here I leave my entry. I hope you like them.


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Hello beautiful people of Xpilar community :)
I would like to participate in the contest before, but I found a new time. I haven't painted a portrait in a long time. but the contest excited me. That's why I joined too. here is my drawing.
WhatsApp Image 2020-10-11 at 20.49.50.jpeg