The World of XPILAR - PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK #024 - 20STEEM/14SBI in prizes! - Submissions post

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WEEK #024

1The contest is open for entire STEEMIT community
4Entries must be original work - NO PLAGIARISM
5The entry photo must be in COMMENTS to this thread as well with the link to initial post
6Short description is warmly welcome
7You may submit ONE(1) entry per week
8All entries must be submitted by the WEDNESDAY following this post (24.00Hrs CET)

1st place - 6 STEEM + 4 SBI
2nd place - 5 STEEM + 3 SBI
3rd place - 4 STEEM + 2 SBI
5 Honorable mentions - 1 STEEM + 1 SBI
Extra HM - 1 SBI

All entries will be judged on basis of visual impact/creativity and quality/techniques. This is PHOTOGRAPHY/ART contest, don't forget :)
Be creative


Supported by @xpilar


Supported by SBI

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This is the link to my entry on this contest.

Muy elegante querida amiga!!
Suerte en el concurso!

Aprecio tus palabras amiga @esthersanchez. Gracias

Fotografía en estudio. Modelo: Minorka Mujica
Camará Nikon D70s - Objetivo 28:70 2.8
Fotografía de mi Banco de Fotos Personal

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Congrats to the winning entries !

Here is my latest entry for contest hosted @axeman - Thank you :)

"Flower Hearts Summer Girl" poster art.

Flower Heart Girl aA st.jpg

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Me encanta!!!

Suerte en tu participación.
#twopercent #affable #venezuela

Thanks a lot @axeman for the honorable mention and really well done to the other artists!

This is my entry for next week!

It's a very precious photo of my archive but mostly two incredible women, as I describe in the post.


Big congratulations to the winners..
My Entry


Hello, very interesting and I would love to participate. I think I have a portrait in mind.

There are exceptional works of art! Congratulations to everyone. My favorite is @davosimple's portrait

Thank you a great deal

Как-то так :)

This is my entry

Портрет же вроде надо...

Таки, портрет в полный рост))

Да тут уже всё смешалось - кони / люди...
В конце-концов , раз есть голова, значит - "портрет";)

  • Зачем вам голова, Майк?
  • Я ей уклоняюсь от ударов... а еще я туда ем!

Me gusta lo composición y el detalle de ser en B&N, la mejor opción..
Felicitaciones @bambuka

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Gracias por visitarnos :-) ¡Me alegro de verte y gracias por tus amables palabras!

Saludos amigos
Esta es mi participación en el concurso

--Mujer de Arena--

mujer de arena

En el año 2016 todavía trabajaba en la Escuela de Artes Visuales, allí estudiaba Scarlret Capdevielle, la autora de esta escultura de tamaño natural. Ella desarrollo un lenguaje artístico muy interesante e investigador.

My Submission for the contest : Original Post

ganesh image sri lanka statue galle fort ganesha.jpg

Katie, Chris & Isaac - Verity Sansom Photography-14.jpg

A portrait of a family in the snow <3

Hi @axeman, this is my entry.

Felicitaciones a todos los ganadores!!

Mi Participacion.

Saludos @cachetes-27

Thank you so much! It´s a pleasure to be the 3rd in my first contest :)

You did great job with that "selfie" :D

Hello thank you for having this open space.

This is my entry


Saludos amigos del arte y fotografía les deseo muchos éxitos y felicitaciones para los ganadores, yo me presento y dejo mi publicación:

Hello, here's my entry for the week



My entry for this week: New Life.
To see the context of the photo:

Пытаюсь быть в тренде:
практически - селфи.