ArtVenture Contest: Step by Step Drawing and Coloring of Star Wars Girl : Nautolan Sith

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Hello Friends,

Mystery Girl Final.jpg

This is my first ever participation for the @art-venture contests and I know that I am already late and missed the deadline for this contest due to unavoidable circumstances, but, since I had started working on this couple of days ago, I am sharing it as per the rules of the contest :)
Well, I tried a Sci Fi character from one of the popular movie series Star Wars and the character is Nautolan Sith.
Hope you like it as I go step by step as below:
Step 1: Rough outline of the body of the girl.

Mystery Girl 1.jpg

Step 2: Further sketching of the outline of the girl with head and hair along with hands and armors she carries.

Mystery Girl 2.jpg

Step 3: Background coloring with shades of dark green and dark blue.

Mystery Girl 3.jpg

Step 4: Coloring of the face and legs part of the girl with combination of yellow and brown.

Mystery Girl 4.jpg

Step 5: Further coloring of girl's body with purple mixed with brown and black.

Mystery Girl 5.jpg

Step 6: Coloring of face, eyes and armors with shade for hair.

Mystery Girl 6.jpg

Step 7: Further coloring for hair, face and armors with shades and touchups.

Mystery Girl 7.jpg

Final Step: Little touch ups and thickening the outline of the body to make it more attractive.

Mystery Girl Final.jpg

That's it guys.
Thanks to @art-venture, @stef1, @xpilar, @myskye, @steem-agora and other sponsors who have brought up this Art contest and I am happy to be part of the same for the time :)
Although, I am not a big fan of Sci-Fi movies, I have watched few of them and the effort I spent on this is valuable one for me in trying something different and I hope you like it :).

Wishing all Happy Sunday and Good Week ahead :)


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I couldn't post this in time though for the contest, but happy that you guys liked it :)

Great job, buddy.

You're very good at this drawing thing.

Thank you my friend.

Happy that you guys liked it :)

Thank you.

I was just searching on google and this one caught my eye and I felt, this one is good for the @art-venture contest, but sadly, I missed the deadline of the contest due to some work.

Glad that you and others finding it good :)

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