Step by Step Drawing and Coloring of a Mother Bird's Love.

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Hello Friends,

Love FInal.jpg

I am here with another painting with a theme of Mother's Love for it's kids.
Not just humans, even animals and birds takes good care of their little ones and always try to feed them and that is the power of Love.
OK then, here are the step by step procedure to get the work done as shown above.

Started with rough outline of bird and the chicks including the supporting tree.
Wikipedia definition of a love comes out as the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another and yes, the loyal part is the most important part in any love whether it's love between human beings or love of animals and birds.
Notice the unselfish love of mother in below picture by trying to feed it's little one with a little insect.

Love 1.jpg

Golden yellow coloring of the mother bird.
Love is also referred as a feeling of strong attraction and emotional attachment.

Love 2.jpg

Further coloring of the mother bird.
Love is the most common thing in the world to keep people united and the opposite (i.e. hate) starts when there are differences with something.
Breakup of love, as we have seen, may depress a person and may even lead to loss of life which shows the power of love.

Love 3.jpg

More coloring of mother and the chicks as well as below.
Indian mythology details show that the love thing was there since the days of gods including Lord Krishna, who is said to have more than 16K wives.

Love 4.jpg

Final touch ups and little more coloring of chicks as below.
Do you like this Lovely Love of Mother?

Love FInal.jpg


I am enjoying working on these sketches and paintings daily.
Thank you once again for the Love shown by you all in the form of comments and upvotes and look forward to the same as always :)

Wishing you all Wonderful Day :)


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Thanks for the votes, comments and resteems.

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Hello @coolguy123

How beautiful, as you say mother's love is totally unique and we see it not only in human beings but also in animals, charming your drawing! Thank you for sharing.

Thank you :)

Glad you liked it, have a good day @franyeligonzalez

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Thank you team, appreciate that :)

Very beautiful work👍

Thank you my friend. After publishing, I felt a little background color would have made it more attractive.

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