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Good night to all of this #steemit platform, here I bring a typical monster of my toothy monsters, in this case a dark and twisted representation of the year 2020, a year that will not be forgotten
This concept of monsters is an original style of mine, one of which my works are known and even so I had a while without doing them and it occurred to me to close the year with one unless I have another idea

This year 2020 was strange in every way, political, social, economic, climatic, astrological and well what they call a pandemic, so this being is a representation of all this

Like all illustrations, after having the idea in my head, I have to put it on a sheet but first it is born as a sketch
2.jpgthen it's time to give it strength with the line

then give it life with color, although the personal touch in these beings is their paleness so by color they are very dull

and well the finished work you have already seen, I hope you like this twisted representation of this year


INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/damoclesart92/

TWITTER https://twitter.com/damoclesart

BEHANCE https://www.behance.net/damocles

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