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Good morning to all of this great community, I hope everything is going well this week, today I bring a special post, a post that shows the process of a gift that I will make to a pretty girl who likes the Japanese tree of cherry tree so I got to work and created a hybrid between illustration and card
outside I took a matte black folder cut it in half and made some details in silver and red having a slightly elegant style which was what I wanted to achieve
and inside it contains the illustration of the tree itself, which to give it a bit of volume, cut some parts on a different sheet and glued them to make it look a bit in 3d so to speak, the rest of the illustration is already the type of illustration always, sketch, lines, details and colors, as here I leave the process of the same
In this part of the process I visualized where the cut and pasted sections would go


once I had that clear, first I drew paint on the sheet and the rest I did in another separate sheet and cut and paste
And you have already seen the result, I hope you like it and of course she likes it much more, soon more illustrations of all kinds
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