Abdul Alhazred the mad arab

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Today I bring a recently made illustration based on one of the characters created by HP lovecraft, which I have rarely seen illustrated, in this case I wanted to unite the character with the type of monsters I make, it is the creator of the necronomicon the mad arab

here I leave the story of the character directly from wikipedia, if you do not know it here you can read it https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abdul_Alhazred

This illustration, as I had said, joins the creator character of the HP lovecraft necronomicon and the monsters that I have been making for a long time and the result was what you saw, now I show you the step by step



and so this post ends

I hope you like this monster
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That is really good, you have worked so well on small details to give such touch of mystery.

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Thank you very much for the support, I try that each illustration is unique and has its personal touch: D