beautiful girl, practice portrait

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Greetings to all of this community full of excellent artists, today I bring a practice illustration in four portraits, it is one of the styles that I do the least but I want to improve so I took a beautiful girl to practice and here is the result


This illustration took me about 2 hours, I took my time, unlike other works that I do in a matter of minutes, the portraits take me longer and little by little I am progressing

here the step by step


You have seen the final result from the beginning, I hope you like it soon more




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Hola @damoclesart, que hermos ailustración y me parece muy especial que hayas compartido el paso a paso paar detallarlo.

Hasta pronto..!

buen dia muchas gracias, si la idea es mostrar el paso a paso :) pronto mas ilustraciones de todo tipo

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thanks art venture :)

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