behemoth lord of the waves and the clouds

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Giant beings have existed in all history, some classified as fiction, others in many parts of the world maintain them as true and today there are scientists who investigate the deepest depths of the sea, caverns and other places where these legends give rise, the behemoth is a creature that plows through the seas and clouds like his kingdom
I wanted to create a kind of giant wyvern (dragon without arms) with elements of a whale that looks imposing but that may give an air of calm a powerful but passive being at the same time

I really like creating fantasy beasts apart from monsters and I try to make each one unique, here is the process of this great king of sea and sky


This is how this post ends today, I hope you like it, soon more illustrations of all kinds



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thanks people :D

Buen post amigo, me gusta el dibujo que realizasteis. Te voy a seguir desde mi instagram artístico 😉