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Good afternoon, day or night depending on which part of the world you are right now, it is getting dark over here and I am finishing with a new artwork, an illustration of the great chef alexander sharkosky

Well first of all this chef does not exist but this was the name I gave him haha ​​and here he shows his plate number 1, head in sweet and sour sauce

a crazy idea but I liked the result haha ​​what if we go to the step by step of the great chef of the sea
Let's go first with the sketch if you realize I don't change much in terms of its final result


then it's time to go to the lines and the color

and well they saw the final work, they would eat at their restorant haha ​​I hope you like it soon more illustrations




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good morning thanks :D

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good morning people, thanks for the support :D

Muy genial.