emissary of babylon

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We live in times where it is difficult to understand that morality is good and bad little by little or sometimes quickly makes a change and those who live in morality feel out of place, justice is not a right is a luxury, luxuries is no longer wealth if not survival, we live in modern twisted babylon
good with that brief but in many cases real introduction I bring this illustration fast or almost fast since it took me half an hour

to many of my works I like to inoculate a little a hidden sign is symbolized by a story that is discovered by who knows the subject, in this case it is the very representation of the imposed chaos, imposed by the unknown and at the same time known that unites us as a society where little by little a bad habit can become the only thing accepted since the majority does not contradict it, that is the emissary of Babylon
the process is as always in my illustrations, joining pieces of a mental puzzle and drawing it in a sketch and seeing if it adapts to what I visualize in my mind, it is not always like that but in some cases this is the way I use in some of my works although many times they are random ideas all depending
In that case I had the idea of ​​what a priest with a tower head would look like? well here the result obviously twisted and monstrous
and obviously pale colors play a fundamental role in 95% of my monsters give it a touch that could not be achieved by saturating them with color

This is a relatively quick illustration and a gift for this community, as I always say fresh from the oven for you, I hope you like it and it does not come out at night

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