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greetings to all of this community of this great platform

I hope this week is going excellent

Today I bring a 100% illustration with a monstrous touch but not paranormal if not science fiction, touching more on the space theme, in this case of a species that expands in the universe leaving destruction and specifically showing its empress of hive

I liked this illustration how it turned out, I wanted it to be a bit alien style but joining it a bit with the creatures of hp lovecraft and a bit sexy too as a special touch haha

well talk and talk it's time to show the step by step of this space and monstrous illustration


And that's how this post ends, they already saw the final work
I hope you like it and soon more artistic works of all kinds



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Hola se ve increíble, la forma, los trazos y colores se ve muy bien.


muchas gracias :D

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hello art venture :) thanks for the support

Beautiful art work

thanks :D